Violence Against Brotherhood and FJP Systematic; Opposition Shuns Democracy, Peaceful Protest

Violence Against Brotherhood and FJP Systematic; Opposition Shuns Democracy, Peaceful Protest

 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Alexandria made a legal complaint against Sameh Mashaly, member of the Constitution Party in Alexandria, and two others who were with him as they tried to storm FJP headquarters in ‘Fleming’ district, where they were arrested and handed over to the police department.

In Mahalla province, a number of so-called protesters torched a car near FJP headquarters, having failed to break into FJP offices as members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP were inside defending it against rioters and saboteurs.

In Alexandria, Atef Abul-Eid, FJP Information Secretary, denounced the methods adopted and applied by some political forces to express their opinion, which include attacking and wounding citizens, destroying public and private property – such as Sidi Gaber railway station, where damage will cost the state millions of Egyptian Pounds to repair. Those ‘modern’ methods of protest also include smashing citizens’ cars, sabotaging railway lines and storming FJP headquarters in Fleming area for the second time last Friday.

Abul-Eid asked, "Is this political opposition? Is this peaceful protest or enlightened expression of opinion? Are these the advocates of liberal democracy?

Anas Al-Qadi, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, denounced the violence witnessed in Sidi Gaber district in Alexandria Friday afternoon, confirming that thugs targeted young Brotherhood members who had gathered in front of their headquarters to protect it. Twenty-five Brotherhood youths suffered birdshot injuries.

"A group of thugs and provocateurs came along with a number of protesters from opposition parties, after Friday prayers, carrying knives, Molotov cocktail fire-bombs and shotguns, yelling slogans calling for anarchism and vandalism, using the most foul of derogatory insults and cursing expletives.

"Sidi Gaber neighborhood residents gathered and tried to fend off the thugs who obstructed cars and blocked railway lines. However, thugs and protesters attacked unarmed local residents with wanton violence and savagery that led to casualties among the local people.

"The Muslim Brotherhood was not involved in those events. Brotherhood youths were outside the headquarters only to defend it. They never joined the fight, but the thugs fired at them wounding them with birdshot nonetheless."

Anas Al-Qadi condemned some media outlets that published false news claiming Muslim Brotherhood involvement in clashes. He called on media organizations to investigate the accuracy of the news they publish, urging them to stop twisting and distorting facts to mislead public opinion, to avoid getting dragged in as a party in political disputes.