Violette Daguerre: MB Military Tribunals are False& Unreal Political Tribunals

Violette Daguerre: MB Military Tribunals are False& Unreal Political Tribunals

Dr. Violette Daguerre, the president of the Arab Commission for Human Rights, has stated that what is happening in Egypt, the act of referring civilians to military tribunals, evidently clarifies the cunningness of political dealing between the Egyptian regime and the opposition inside Egypt. It’s even clearer when we watch other serious crimes committed in Egypt, and the criminals committed such crimes were never referred to military tribunals.

Violette added, “These military tribunals are just a false unreal political tribunal, and it has nothing to do with conventional tribunals. It is just a farce and comical play.”

Violette comments on her waiting outside the court till now saying, “I am not certain whether I am denied access or not. May be they decided not to allow observers to monitor the tribunal this time as well. But we are not sure of anything as time is passing, and the security forces told us nothing till now.”

She added, “To be fair, I will not say that they have seriously denied my access. But I hope they would give me an answer. We have all demanded an answer for this situation, whether this answer is an approval or a denial to approve such tribunal.”

At the end, Dr. Violette assured that the Arab Commission for Human Rights, along with other International organizations, are trying to press the International Committee for Human Rights, in which Egypt is a member. They are all trying to push the committee to consider the current situation in Egypt, and in all other countries which have Human Rights violations.

She hoped that the Egyptian regime would have some modification in its policies and allow access to International observers to the tribunal today.