Vote for the NDP and Take 800 Pounds


By MuhaVote for the NDP and Take 800 Poundsmmad el-Shreef

The vote for the National Democratic Party equals 800 pounds. Hours before the start of the first phase of the parliamentary election, the NDP candidate in Nasser City district locates 800 pounds in return for yes vote for him.

The supporters of the NDP nominee, who faces a strong comptition by the Moslem Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Makarm el-Darey, has collected the electoral cards of people to secure their yes votes.

The NDP trick is built on the voters who give their ballots to the henchmen of the NDP, who mark before the NDP nominees, and then voters cast these marked papers and fetch the original ballots as blank, out of polling stations in return for 800 pounds.

The NDP makes up this fraud to be sure of the yes votes. In the previous parliamentary elections, the NDP nominees used to pay money without having such guarantees.

 It is worth mentioning that the highest price of a vote was during 2000 parliamentary elections that amounted to 70 pounds.