Voters’ Rights Absence is Normal Under the Absence of Judicial Supervision.

Voters’ Rights Absence is Normal Under the Absence of  Judicial Supervision.

Maat center for Juridical and Constitutional Studies watched- from a distance- the parliament completing elections process in some electoral districts which had vacant seats for different reasons. Maat showed some notes about this process to indicate the   election process future generally in Egypt…

  First : the poor public turnout on voting inside committees along with the absence of any public participation.

Second : the continuing of intensive security forces existing in front of committees of elections and vote counting, in addition to the absence of any of voters” rights to reach ballot boxes easily.

Third : the failure of the supervisors on boxes of employee and others who are substituted for judges to convinced citizens about transparency and seriousness of the election process.

Fourth : money interference  continuing to direct voters” vote to some candidates personally.

Fifth : preventing supporters of some candidates to vote, and preventing other candidates from being represented inside committees by their delegates.

Sixth : absenting the right of supervisors and of candidates” delegates to be present in vote counting process.

Seventh : choose a date which is not good to make the election process a long with the civilians” ignoring of any exceptional or irrelevant elections because of their duties.

Eighth : cards in ballot boxes exceeded double number of the real votes of civilians sharing in the elections “the phenomenon of blackening cards and filling boxes”, in spite that eyewitnesses asserted that the turnout was very weak for all the previous reasons.

Ninth : the absence of any informational campaign or serious governmental calls to urge citizens to go to ballot boxes.

Tenth : the governmental bodies” failure with its employee to file the gab resulting from stopping judges” complete supervision on public elections.

  The center while suffering form its notes about events and details of elections in the electoral districts which complete its   parliament seats, remind again that the amendment of article number 88 was out of place, and offered nothing to the electoral process to make its pillars more stable in order to offer citizens, who has the right to choose their representative in the parliament, a   justification for stopping judges” complete supervision on electoral process although it looks like a dispute in which judges are the only ones who can judges.

  Maat while watching all these obstacles before citizens, supposes that the completing elections done Wednesday morning in those districts represents an uncomfortable example before elections of local councils intended to be held in the spring of the coming year. It may be necessary now to talk about the absent   “voter”s rights” under the conditions which are not suitable for him to express his right to choose his representatives as they are the most important axis in the electoral process. Thus the center calls upon the Egyptian government and its legislative institutions to review the judicial supervision on public elections , and to deal seriously with citizens” rights to choose responsible people who are capable of keeping up their will.