Wafd party threatens election boycott

Wafd party threatens election boycott

According to sources Egypt’s Wafd opposition party confirmed Tuesday that it may conform to calls to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections next month after state television refused to air the party’s advertisement.

The Wafd party stressed that it would not be a participant in the unfair elections. A decision is expected to be made concerning the boycott and announced in the near future.

The Wafd opposition accused the Egyptian Ministry of Information of violating its own orders stressing it ignored pledges that there would be media neutrality as a corner stone for fair elections.

It ascertained that advertisements for the ruling National Democratic Party were being aired by the television channel ahead of the vote illustrating favouritism.

Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd chose to participate in the elections while AlGhad Party decided to follow the call of former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.