Wahabi Imam to burn the Bible in Cairo!

Wahabi Imam to burn the Bible in Cairo!

 What if some Wahabi Imam in a mosque decided to burn the holy Bible after Friday prayer in Cairo .

Let’s imagine the headlines of the highly ranked newspapers, websites and dozens of bitter Islamophobes on their websites truly they would have a field day.

Extremist Muslims decide to burn the holy Bible in Egypt

FOX News
Muslim Brotherhood set to burn the Bible in the Muslim World!

Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report
Exclusive: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood call for anti-Christian actions in Egypt .

Family Security Matters
GMBDR: Exclusive: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Call for anti-Christian actions in Egypt .

Jihad Watch
Hamas Leaders to burn Torah synchronously with Muslim Brotherhood Bible Burn Day

Daniel Pipes
Turkish Islamist teacher beats Christian student carrying Bible!

Pamela Geller
CAIR’s mother group to burn Bible!

Dallas News
Holy Land Foundation supported Bible Burn Day in Palestinian Territories

Steven Emerson
IPT monitored Al Qaeda preparation for Bible Burn Day

Sean Hannity
Ground Zero Imam will participate in Bible Burn Day!

Sarah Palin
Oh Peaceful Muslims! Please refudiate Bible Burn Day!

Religion of Peace
Photo: Islam Orders Muslims to burn Bibles and to Kill Christians


That was hypothetically speaking, now back to reality and what has in fact happened in the US to be precise a church in Florida was planning to burn the Quran, however the appalling truth is that all news bulletin corporations and smearcasters failed to report such incidents abstaining from writing or publishing a word on this subject.

In a tilting of scales, it seems to be normal and acceptable to have a Church burn Quran Day but in the event of a Muslim burning Bible Day imagine the uproar and scandal.

The question is why didn’t the western and most influential mediacomment on this racist and discriminatory incident? The diehard bigots and hypocrite racists who want to burn Quran and smear Islam are the real terrorists.

Although terrorism cannot and will not be justified the burning of the Muslims Holy Quran may lead to such undesirable actions in response to the provocative actions illustrating anti-Islamic tendencies.

The Independent websites, who discussed the Quran burning day, unfortunately are not high profiled or effective news sources. They focused mainly on the lack of exposing of the incident wondering why the more famous agencies abstained from discussion.

Throughout Islam’s long history, Muslims have never been involved in any actions of religious suppression against Jews and Christians. The Ottoman Empire received thousands of Spanish Jews refugees after the defeat of Muslims who existed with other different believers in Andalusia, And within this history, Muslims didn’t try even once to fight the ideas by sword! they always were trying to oppose ideas by ideas.

Current events in the US with the burning of the holy Quran reveal some Christians’ lack of tolerance to a different religion and culture exposing their true ignorance. Rather than discuss and engage in open dialogue with Muslims they chose to burn the Quran demonstrating pure hatred and animosity

Many questions will be asked, and the true, factual answers will not be in favour of news corporations such as CNN and FOX News. Do they support these bigots? Are the smearcasters supporting the Christian bigots? And the most important question remains … What if they were Muslims how would they react?