Walid Shalaby: Anti-Brotherhood Slander and False News Campaign Continues

Walid Shalaby: Anti-Brotherhood Slander and False News Campaign Continues

Walid Shalaby, media advisor to the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, refuted rumors circulated in a number of news websites claiming that Brotherhood youth are outraged at the group for ‘involving them in confrontations outside Itehadia Presidential Palace and Moqattam HQ’.


Shalaby stressed that these are completely baseless contrived fables, and so is the ‘report’ that the Brotherhood’s Shura Council held a stormy meeting at the Guidance Bureau office.


In a press statement, Shalaby said: "This is all false news, completely unfounded, a figment of some writer’s imagination. In fact, the author of this ‘news’ had earlier refused to publish denials and corrections from us in earlier incidents.


"To start with, the Guidance Bureau did not hold any meeting in the presence of Brotherhood Shura Council members at all. Moreover, the writer attributes the ‘news’ to anonymous sources – a ploy to spread some false news against the Brotherhood, although we did urge journalists on many occasions not to publish news about us from anonymous sources."


A press release from Shalaby said, "This news points to a desperate attempt to sow seeds of discord between the Brotherhood’s leaders and its youth, which will never happen, God willing, since all members of the group are strongly united. They have tremendous, unshakeable confidence in their leaders and all the decisions they make in the most democratic way, and who always put public interest above all else.


"Effective and constant communication continues between leaders, on all levels, and all Brotherhood members at all times and in all circumstances."


The Brotherhood spokesman’s statement further said: "Some rumors claim that Brotherhood youth are extremely angry, indignant for not seeing any of the sons of Muslim Brotherhood prominent leaders involved in clashes. Reality belies this claim, since a number of sons of the group’s leaders were killed in clashes and many others were wounded, since the beginning of the revolution and until the Moqattam attacks. The Brotherhood does not discriminate between members on the basis of lineage or pedigree".