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  • August 28, 2010
  • 10 minutes read

Wall Street Journal commends MB and ElBaradei united front

Wall Street Journal commends  MB and ElBaradei united front

The wall street Journal writes of Egypt ‘s most noted political opposition who has joined forces in their demand for political reform and constitutional amendments.


The country’s strongest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood and the newly emerged former IAEA chief head Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei have joined the bid in a petition launched to collect over 1 million signatures in support for their call for reform. So far the petition which has gone as far as to take to the streets has secured over 600, 000 signatures despite the ruling regime’s attempts to thwart the effort by arresting and detaining petitioners.


The influential Brotherhood, despite being banned from running as a party, fielded independent candidates in the 2005 parliamentary elections acquiring 20% of the seats in parliament much to the NDP’s distaste.


In turn the MB are currently facing threats and security attempts to intimidate the group from participating in any elections. The group has won the respect of ElBaradei, who has refused to join one of Egypt ‘s government-licensed parties, and together they teamed in a nationwide signature drive aimed at winning popular backing for the constitutional change. The article writes:


The potential threat from an ElBaradei-Brotherhood movement has triggered a stronger response from the NDP in recent weeks. NDP spokesman Ali Eddin Helal, in remarks that appeared targeted at Mr. ElBaradei constitutional campaign, said in July that rewriting any country’s constitution based on the demands of one person or one small group would be “a mockery.”


The writer continues alleging that the NDP may feel threatened by the principle based –alliance and are concocting efforts to redeem their image through public relations.


“As the late November polls approach, 82-year-old President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party and supporters of Mr. Mubarak’s son and heir apparent, Gamal Mubarak, have stepped up their response, orchestrating an aggressive public-relations campaign aimed at consolidating their position.


The NDP has dominated Egyptian politics for decades, and the older Mr. Mubarak has ruled for 29 years. Complicating their calculus now is Mr. ElBaradei emergence on the political scene, after he stepped down in December 2009 as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency“.


ElBaradei has asserted that he may consider running for presidency if his demands are met regarding electoral procedures however numerous claims by NDP officials including PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour maintain that there will be no amendments to the constitution namely articles, 76, 77 and 88.


MB Secretary General Mahmoud Hussein highlighted recently in an interview on the Jazeera Live satellite channel that the group shared  common ground with the Noble  Peace Prize Laureate regarding political reform” and that the Brotherhood would work to “coordinate and collaborate” with Mr. ElBaradei’s campaign in this aspect despite minor differences in ideology.