War crimes and violating the personal freedoms ..a neglect of the region’s community peace

   The regional Arabian –and may be the international- political scene seems more tragic internally and externally in a way that all local communities ended up with a state of disintegration and dispersal which allows for more internal partition – for each country – besides the lack of agreement and cooperation between Arabian countries and its governments which keeps them from facing the 3rd millennium challenges with all its globalization essential changes and big countries greediness that overwhelms the nature of international relationships and dominates the countries tiny stuff. In addition to the remains of political regimes who abandoned its legacy and legitimacy by establishing suppression against their communities and lost its foundation justifications by the time.  

   And it is not totally different from what is happening in Iraq and Gaza strip or Sudan and Lebanon that Saddam Hussein didn”t defend the eastern Arabian borders and his regime was down as soon as invading Kuwait, besides the feuding Palestinian groups who walked the same way after its resistance has lost its character as a result of Hamas movement rising. The only difference for Sadam”s regime who is accused with dictatorship that, it seemed for others as more liberal especially after the continuous killings between the Sunni and the Shiites, and also the difference among Kurdish groups concerning the North”s secession with all its treasure from Baghdad just to leave it all alone facing destiny of the Turk”s desired ambition to lay siege around the Kurdish progress towards their territories southern.

   The two countries leaders were absent – Saddam in Iraq and Yasser Arafat in Palestine – so it became worse – despite criticism raised around them by debaters – that no single Iraqi citizen has dreamed with death or loosing his country”s treasures that easy by the greedy aliens and those (double crossers) who are colluding with them claiming the democracy widespread in Iraq. However, the Palestinian people didn”t understand the fact that democracy which brought Hamas to the power after such free elections for the occupied territories that all Arabian countries were envious of, wouldn”t be acceptable for Israel with its continuous governments which is always talking about succession of power and the “occupied” freedom to chose who can govern him, that as in Baghdad, Tel Aviv government wished to see a government in Palestine as it likes and this appears in continuous liquidation of Palestinians just to either punishing them for electing Hamas or confirming its weakness and its disability to resist after taking levers of power. Hence, the humanitarian crisis aggravated in Gaza strip in a sphere of international silence and inability to stop the recurrent crimes against civilians which is an aspect not so different from the war crimes in the international law descriptions.

   In Lebanon, we don”t know what the Lebanese themselves need! But the state of dissidence that swept political trends and movements there were not clear till the victory achieved by Hezbullah for the Arabs and Lebanese over Israel. Some analyzers said that the Lebanese (entity) was defeated because of ruin and destruction which from the international trends acquitted itself, then the multi national-capitals were seeking towards the cake of “reconstructive” as it happened in Iraq, but the battlefield assured that this unique victory which was followed by a strange Arabian political defeat is ended up with dissidence of Lebanese people as the Arab League failed to remove it, although days after war have proved the strong allegiance from Hezbullah to Lebanon and despite the analyzers discussions concerning its alliance with Iran on the pretext of Shiah ideological connection. 

   Regarding the explosive situation in Sudan, the Egyptian government situation was somehow good, that the Egyptian regime may rectified the absence of political existence in the Nile valley southern with wisdom that Cairo government had neglected it after the rising of July revolution in 1952. But the crisis of temporal and conditional dissidence between southern and northern of Sudan was harder to be contained by the officials of power in Egypt despite of organic bond between the communities of the Nile valley. Besides, Darfur territory wasn”t a problem that blocks the way of Egyptian policy and its masterminds as they and in defiance of Khortoum government, called for international forces to keep Sudan safe and that came after the failure of African forces, as we were waiting with the Sudanese people for the president Mubarak decision to send the Egyptian forces who belongs to the same origin to protect Sudan”s safety and the treasure which represents the resource of life in Egypt (Nile). We are looking forward applying more decisions that supports the Sudan”s right of getting the best use of the Egyptian experience in developing the Sudanese territories who calls upon separation based on external suggestions.

   Communities can”t develop or grow without legal protection for its nationals, as for the regional scene, the international law was unable to protect peace and security in the region, that the recurrent scenes of crimes in Iraq and Palestine didn”t prevent it from formulating international agreements and charters which are acknowledged by the warriors only as it is quite boring to mention the article of the international declaration of human rights in addition to the two charters because the abundance of crimes against these communities which have been in battle with foreign capturer and local governor in the same time that the first is denying the rules of La Haye and articles number 33,146, 147 of Geneva 4th agreement which is related to war customs, and the second is denying the activation of democracy principles and the protection of citizen”s dignity and safety.

   Protecting the community peace in the full sense of the word is something that is applied for the local and regional reality to an extent that keeps the attention of Maat center in a way that our ideas which calls for rejecting violence and falsifying reasons behind the growth of terrorism groups, are compatible with global and local movements who supports peace. Maat center justifications rises for fear that the state of irritation in local global and Arab communities could prevail, as the lack of democracy which became the most important demand for communities who are looking for survival, cannot be interpreted in isolation from these surrounding circumstances in a time, you can hear the scream of a hungry baby from the south with the north”s outcry or you can hear the call for help of a torturing victim from dictatorship prisons with the free world activists outcry. Despite of all of that, it is worthy to formulate a wider global community relationship with deep ideology that contains the humanity need for unlimited coexistence, integration and concurrence. The world ideologists and fortune-tellers responsibilities are increasing in order to look for a “third path” for the reality of humanity and justification for its existence, a path that the citizen can enjoy the universal trait which enables him to communicate with fellows all over the world, a new style of establishing international relationship based upon integration between free communities in order to chose the one who can represent it before the whole world and present its contributions in the world”s civilization.

   The international peace movements and calls of against-war activists, anti-poverty and starvation organizations, counter-crime and corruption groups, anti-violence, racism and discrimination activists and torturing and detention victims-advocating assemblies, are all can be the clearest rejectionist forms resulted from the absence of peace inside local communities -, but it is representing in the same time a state of popular global fury against the collapse of “human rights” system that most regimes and administrations shun away from establishing it just to win their communities hatred and to get respect lost to its accomplishments..
                                      …and we still waiting.

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