• Lebanon
  • July 31, 2006
  • 1 minute read

War on Lebanon takes its toll on Israel

Economy experts in the Israeli central bank issued a report asserting that Israel will lose nearly three billion dollars if its aggression on Lebanon continues especially in the light of the harsh Lebanese resistance responses.

The report clarified that this situation will limit the economic growth in the economy to 3.4% while it was expected at 5.4%.

Israeli financial reports asserted that the direct losses as a result of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and the Lebanese resistance’s retaliatory strikes had mounted to 122 million dollars daily.

In a related matter, Israeli media quoted economy reports as indicating that since the Israeli aggression on Lebanon started more than 1500 workers were sacked for inability to go to work due to the continued rocket attacks launched by the Lebanese resistance on 1948 occupied Palestinian lands in the north.

Initial data indicate that most of the workers were sacked for inability to go to work while the others were sacked due to economic difficulties in the installations where they work