Warning: IOA almost finished its most dangerous scheme to Judaize Jerusalem

Warning: IOA almost finished its most dangerous scheme to Judaize Jerusalem

The Islamic Christian Front for the Defense of Jerusalem and holy places warned that the IOA made such progress in preparing for the most dangerous and largest scheme aimed at Judaizing the Islamic and Christian holy shrines in occupied Jerusalem.

Dr. Hasan Khater, the secretary-general of the Front, explained that the Israeli occupation finished drawing up a very detailed plan for the Judaization of Jerusalem which includes the Aqsa Mosque, its lands, garden, churches and all the area surrounding it.

Dr. Khater added that the Israeli occupation, through this plan, is trying to replace the cultural and religious identity of the holy city with a Jewish image predominating over the Islamic and Christian image of the city, pointing out that Israel finished laying its schemes under the name of “Jerusalem interface” and now it is embarking on finishing some technical sides and securing the plan”s financial needs.

The secretary-general warned not to underestimate this Zionist scheme and take it as transient matter, underlining that the Front will be working on putting all the Arab and Islamic nation as well as international organizations in the picture of this Zionist dangerous scheme. 

In another related context, the field monitoring section in the Quds Press revealed in a report that the IOA had been stepping up its settlement activities considerably since the Annapolis conference, adding that Israel centered its activities in Jerusalem and its adjacent areas.

The report said that the IOA issued tenders for the construction of about 32,000 settlement units in the eastern part of Jerusalem and in the settlements built around the city on the lands of the West Bank.

The report underscored that while the Israeli occupation was announcing the temporary freeze of its settlement activities in eastern Jerusalem because of the ongoing negotiations with the PA, Yair Mayan, the municipality director in Jerusalem, was asserting that there were plans to move forward in building 10,000 settlement units in the east of the city.

In another context, the Palestinian citizens of the Mukabbar Mount town in occupied Jerusalem warded off tens of Israeli extremists who managed to storm the town with the aim of demolishing the house of Alaa Abu Dehim who carried out the Jerusalem attack ten days ago.

The Zionist fanatics arrived at the entrance of the neighborhood where Abu Dehim”s family lives as they were chanting racist slogans and slurs against Palestinians and Arabs.