Warning: Israel Plans to Strike Gaza Hospitals

Warning: Israel Plans to Strike Gaza Hospitals

Israeli MP and leader Avigdor Liberman stated that “Gaza has to be erased from the map by nuclear bombs, like what Americans used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” And the war criminal foreign minister Tzipi Livni said that Israel’s campaign against Hamas in Gaza “is serving the interest of the Palestinian Authority as well as that of Israel”. Liebermann is a cousin of a member of the US Senate who has the same name. Livni is the offspring of a family of terrorists, murderers and thieves who emigrated from Poland.

The strategic plan of the Israeli war criminals, the blood sucker Ehud Olmert and his cabinet, Ehud Barak and his coward soldiers, Tzipi Livni and her team of criminals in the foreign ministry, the chief of the Israeli assassination teams Yuval Diskin, and others, is based on striking and destroying the Palestinian hospitals in Gaza as the third step of their ongoing campaign of genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes against humanity in Gaza. The strong smell of a new massacre against the paralyzed patients in Gaza’s hospitals is being spread widely through the Israeli and the International media.

The Jewish lobbies that own and control the international media are spreading the propaganda about supposed “hidden senior of Hamas officials under the hospitals in Gaza”. The chief of the Israeli intelligence of the Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, said during last week while meeting with the cabinet to plan new crimes, that senior of Hamas officials had found refuge in the hospital basements because they know Israel would not target them due to the patients in the upper floors. Diskin said that he and his team believe that Hamas political activists are in the basements of the Shifa Hospital. The Israeli cabinet spread Diskin unfounded beliefs, suspicions and rumors as justification before destroying the hospitals of Gaza over the heads of thousands of sick and injured people. Thousands of the weakest and most sick civilians are treated at Gaza’s hospital would pay the price for Diskin’s paranoid suspicions and beliefs.

The Israeli war propaganda based on Diskin’s suspicions and beliefs is spread in the media and used to justify genocide and war crimes, in the same way like the Israeli war criminals spread rumors about Hamas Rockets which hit Israel towns just some days before striking Gaza. Is it not strange that supposedly “thousands” of rockets were fired by destitute people, which caused almost no damages in years, but that exactly before the planned massacre, suddenly there were several dead and more material damage?

The international media, paid, owned and controlled by the jewish zionists, associated to AIPAC and other organizations, are taking care to spread the garbage of the Israeli military so that all journalists are converted into a part of the army because they only report from the office of the military spokespersons. All the Israeli media is involved in the war crimes and is censored by an IDF team.

The IDF also controls the western media.I received an e-mail from somebody who introduced himself as a member of AIPAC, perhaps he wanted to intimidate me. The person who wrote me argued that I should read AIPAC news and rely on their “credibility” before reporting about the conflict. The writer had written me before that his uncle is a rabbi in Tel-Aviv.
Also, an Israeli soldier, from an Israeli propaganda team sent me an e-mail in which he argued that I should post Israeli war propaganda in my articles. Other members of Israeli propaganda teams tried to post comments on my blog explaining in full details the IDF point of view.

As a preparation for the coming Israeli massacres, the US declared that their military had sought to hire a second merchant ship to deliver ammunition to Israel this month after Israel dropped all missiles which they have during their attack in Gaza. The new ship will carry 325 standard 20-foot containers and will arrive in Israel through the Suez canal. In the meantime the US Navy transportation command has said that the deliveries of weapons would be delayed, and before that, they stated that the weapons were not for use by the Israelis. Do these people seriously think that anybody believes them?