Washington Post commends Egypt’s referendum post

Washington Post commends Egypt’s referendum post

The Washington Post published on Tuesday that voting yes on the referendum on the constitutional changes indicates the keenness of Egyptians to hold democratic parliamentary and presidential elections.

It pointed out that after years of tyranny and oppression by the regime of Mubarak, Egyptians have finally voiced their say on constitutional amendments due to their need for democracy and bringing about a democratic government that would be in line with the revolution.

The Washington Post stated that the result of 77% voting yes to the constitutional amendments aims at ending the transitional period of Military Rule, to holding free and fair Parliamentary and presidential elections without forging the results.

The newspaper praised the atmosphere in which the referendum took place and the lack of violations during the process. 

It stated that the participation of 18 million out of 45 million citizens who have the right to vote on the referendum reflected the desire of Egyptians to have a democratic government and not to lose the chance that has taken 30 years to come about. The results were true without any kind of falsification.