We are the bearers of a call and a message

We are the bearers of a call and a message


– The Brotherhood is a group that came at its predetermined time and will always remain relevant. As long as its essence remains: “Allah is its aim, the Prophet is its leader and role model, Jihad is its path, and death in the way of Allah is the highest of its aspirations.”

– Our call is about knowledge and learning, education and refinement, kindness and benevolence, and a return to the Quran.

– Brothers, establish the state of Islam in your hearts, and it will be established in your lands. “The state of falsehood is temporary, while the state of truth lasts until the end of time.”

– The Muslim Brotherhood cannot be dissolved because the bond between them is the strong rope of Allah, stronger than any force. This bond remains and will remain, Allah willing.

– In light of these luminous words, we say to all the enthusiasts: It’s okay to study revolutions and liberation movements of any country of the world, and to benefit from any experience. However, with this study, we must consider that there are different standards governing the reality in which we live.

– We are the proponents of a comprehensive Islamic project for the revival of the entire Islamic nation. We face an opposing project that aims to eliminate the Islam brought by our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and to dominate the Islamic nation.

– We are not just a party or a terrestrial call, like Gandhi or Mandela. We are a divine call that derives its methodology, principles, standards, and objectives from Islam, the religion of the Lord of the worlds, and from the call of the prophets, peace be upon them. We are fully confident in the establishment of Allah’s religion and its call, in every way, no matter how long it takes or how intense the tribulations and pressures become. “And they plotted their plot, but Allah is in control of their plot, even if their plot were to move mountains. So do not think Allah will fail His promise to His messengers. Indeed Allah is Mighty and most capable of taking retribution.”

– The battle we currently face is one of the many conspiracies and plots against Islam and attempts by the people of falsehood to eliminate or infiltrate and diminish the Islamic project. Therefore, we must understand the dimensions of the battle and its characteristics to confront it comprehensively.”

We recall here the words of the martyred Imam Hassan al-Banna, which he directed to the Brotherhood, to always be before us and never leave our sight, to guide our path:

– “Oh Muslim Brotherhood: This is your status, and this is the nature of your call. Do not belittle yourselves by comparing yourselves to others or follow a path in your call that differs from the believers'. Do not weigh your call, which takes Its light from God and its methodology from the teachings of His messenger, with other calls that are born of necessities and fade with the passing days and events.

– We call with the call of Allah, the most noble of calls. We proclaim the idea of Islam, the strongest of thoughts. We present to people the Sharia of the Quran, the fairest of laws.

– From the first day, the Brotherhood declared that their call is purely Islamic, relying on Islam and deriving from it. They proclaimed wholeheartedly: “Allah is our aim, the Prophet is our model, the Quran is our constitution, Jihad is our path, and dying in the way of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

– What the Brotherhood calls for is nothing but the call of Islam brought by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ ,which he strived for, and his companions worked for after him. Every Muslim who believes in Allah, His messenger, and His book should act upon this and strive for it.

– The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the Islam brought by Muhammad  ,ﷺ where governance is a part of it, and freedom is one of its obligations.

– There is no call without Jihad, and no Jihad without oppression. When that happens, the moment of victory approaches.

– The call of the Muslim Brotherhood is a principled call. It’s best described as an Islamic call.

– This religion is only suitable for those who encompass it from all angles and dedicate to it their soul, wealth, time, and health. It’s a call that does not accept partners. Those who are prepared for this have truly embraced it, and it has become a part of them.

– May Allah keep us steadfast on the path of the call of truth, strength, and freedom, without deviation or change, by His grace and His favour.

– Allah is the Greatest, and to Him be all praise.”