We Are To Share In Reconstruction, Lebanese MB Says

After the UN-brokered ceasefire solidified, the Lebanese Islamists announced that they will be a partner in reconstruction operations. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Deputy Chairman of the Lebanese Jama’a Islamia (The Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Lebanon) said that the reconstruction process requires strenuous efforts especially financial ones to restore or rebuild the war ravaged areas.” The reconstruction process requires astronomical sums of money, and of course our group cannot afford such hefty funds, so we intend to share with our utmost financial and other relief works, especially that we took part in so many relief activities during the war, opening our institutes and schools before the displaced citizens and provided them with all available accommodation”, he said, adding that it is Hizbullah which has a plan for the reconstruction of the south. He quoted Hizbullah Chairman Hassan Nasrullah in his recent address as pledging to reconstruct the south and pay one -year rent for the war -hit families pending the end of the reconstruction plan and their return to their homes, adding that Iran could provide financial aid for the Hezbollah’s reconstruction plan.
 On the issue of disarming Hizbullah and resistance in general, Al Masry asserted that the Lebanese agree on the withdrawal of the resistacne arms from south of the Litany River in compliance with the Security Council resolution to make way for the Lebanese army to have its sway on the south prior to the arrival of the UNIFEL- led international forces. He added that foreign ministers from France, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan are visiting Lebanon Wednesday to consider sending troops to reinforce those forces stationed on the borders, adding that these forces will take over the occupied areas after the withdrawal of the Israeli forces some of which started withdrawal out of fear of the resistance. However, Al Masry disclosed that the Lebanese will not approve of demilitarizing the resistance. Rather, they demand that only arms affiliated to the Lebanese army be in the south, with light weapons of Hizbullah being hidden. It is to be mentioned that Hizbullah has no visible forces; only citizens recruited from the south villages fight shoulder to shoulder with Hizbullah.