We Extend Hands, Hearts To Talk With Palestinian Factions: Abu Marzouk

We extend our hands and open our hearts for holding an open dialogue through which we want to solve all our issues, said Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the Hamas politburo deputy chief in a statement to Ikhwanweb.
The Palestinian arena is currently witnessing serious incidents that may have an impact on the course of the Palestinian cause and the history of the Palestinian people since the occupation of Palestine in 1948 .
During these incidents Hamas movement has been accused of attempting a coup against the Palestinian Authority. How far will Hamas bear the international pressures.
Ikhwanweb has directed these questions and others in an interview with Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, the Hamas politburo deputy chief.
Ikhwanweb: First of all, what are the causes of this escalation from Hamas and what made Hamas movement seize PA headquarters?
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk, First of all, it is not right that Hamas was the one that initiated the clashes. No one sought such incidents. It is chaos from which complained ex-Interior Minister, major general Nasr Youssef when he hinted at the agenda of a certain group whose interests meet those outside. This group remained the primary cause of chaos in Gaza Strip. This group is used by foreign powers according to a US general who acknowledged in a last May hearing in front of the Middle East committee in US Congress that that there was a strong influence over all Fatah Movement factions that were causing chaos. He told the committee members also that the situation will explode soon. He confirmed also to the chairman of the Middle East Committee that the Pentagon and the CIA  put their full confidence behind US and Israeli allies inside Fatah. Several newspapers reported highlighted this incident.
The current US administration sees as a strategic option supporting Fatah against Hamas and proving Fatah with money, weapons and training aiming directly at excluding Hamas from the political arena and from the active spot which it reached through ballot boxes.
Hamas movement did not cancel the Palestinian Authority. It only wanted to defend itself from a long war of attrition launched by Fatah’s elements. When Hamas tried to face these actions, Fatah collapsed and melted down like a mountain of ice. However, the group that has been causing chaos still has its elements who maintain seditions and assassinations abroad.
We keep and defend the PA institutions. They are institutions of authority and they will remain institutions of authority.
This collapse and its consequences were primarily caused by Dahlan’s team and gang
Ikhwanweb: Have you ever expected that matters will reach such a degree with Fatah Movement and that president Abbas install an emergency government and that he considers as outlawed the executive force?

Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk: The executive authority is a legal force. I have all papers proving that there has been a consensus in the past period that the executive force is a legitimate force. Leader Abu Obaida was appointed colonel and the executive force was merged into the Palestinian police services upon approval and signature of President Abu Mazen.
However, all security sevices refused to obey the Interior Minister’s decision and Dahlan’s group continued to commit its crimes under Abou Mazen’s protection.
President Abu Mazen is authorized to fire PM Ismail Haniya, but he is not authorized to install an emergency government. All measures that has been recently taken  by Abu Mazen are illegitimate and violate the Palestinian law. This government can be considered, like Ismail Haniya’s government, a caretaker government.
The problem is that the United States wants only those who obey and implement its schemes even if this leads to diving the country into two countries and the government into two governments. We don’t know the end of such schemes.
America wants to impose the ones who obey and implement its schemes in the region (there are several models of this policy). America wants to implement its policy both in Palestine and Lebanon.
Ikhwanweb: Assess the security situation in Gaza several days after controlling it?
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk: The security situation is stable in Gaza. No bullet has been fired in the Strip since a while ago. The Palestinian people started to feel a period of peace and calm. The PA institutions must do their duty and the security services should be at the service of people’s security to open the door for a political treatment for all issues to solve the current crisis.
Ikhwanweb: How is it going on in Gaza amid an expected blockade or even a possible Israeli invasion?
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk: No one fears this. Israeli invasions against the Strip are already nonstop. We will face these invasions and will not bee motionless. Every thing is going well and all government institutions will return to doing their duties so soon.
Ikhwanweb:How far can Hamas movement bear the current conditions from Fatah domestically and from European countries internationally?
Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk: Pressures against Hamas movement has never stopped since it won the elections. Hamas has been facing pressures every day. However, Hamas movement is a liberation movement that works very well under such pressures to confront the occupation. Its sacrifices will continue. Every Hamas member has faced detention, let alone assassinations. Many of the movement members were assassinated. The movement faced post election harassments but it didn’t give any angry reaction and bore all these pressures and it decided to maintain the option of resistance. Hamas they will maintain its principles to defend hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people.
How do you see the future of the Palestinian cause under the current circumstances while Hamas and Fatah are involved in an internal fighting that distracts them from planning for the emergence of a Palestinian state?
This situation is unacceptable. We hope that, God willing, we will not reach such a limit and will seek a Palestinian unity and stick to the option of resistance. We didn’t want to resort to power. However, we call for returning to the table of negotiation maintaining national interests and close ranks to confront occupation. No nation can ever emerge without a unity. Thus, we extend our hands and open our hearts for holding an open dialogue through which we want to solve all our issues. The Palestinian people has been suffering for long years. Therefore, we need to close ranks specially after the national agreement document which all of us approved. There are some elements who want to obstruct these efforts, but open-mindedness will help in overcoming schemes and plots. That operation was an interceptor operation within a security context to get out of this situation. We will maintain our targets and will complete our course of unifying our people and achieving their targets.

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