Welcoming Verdict Against Sexual Harassment

Welcoming Verdict Against Sexual Harassment

Lamia Lotfy, a member of New Woman Foundation said to IkhwanWeb about the verdict issued in the first sexual harassment case in Egypt that it is just and deterrent, hoping to be a positive step in the right path against this manifestation.

Lotfy stressed that this will not happen except when civil society organizations, the community and females cooperate together. She added that the police have to act positively with these harassment issues through rescuing girls or helping them arrest the doer and accomplish all legal proceedings which provide safety to them and society.

The Egyptian Center for Human Rights stated that this sentence of three years in prison and bail of five thousand pounds is to be the beginning to deter those who harass girls and women, which is widespread nowadays in the Egyptian society and is not limited to Egyptian girls as it reached foreigners as well, as stated by foreign, Arabic and Egyptian media.

The Egyptian Center stressed that this verdict is a result of the rights organizations work which did not fall silent against the insult caused to the Egyptian girls’ dignity as a result of the absence of law and the inaction of those concerned. The center added that it was supposed to cooperate altogether as intellectuals, thinkers, psychologists and clerics with civil society organizations, as it is a problem concerning the whole society.

The center thanked fair Egyptian judiciary which proved to be always a bulwark for Egyptians against abnormal manifestations as this ruling confirmed to every girl that she can prosecute any person inflicting harm to her, to feel more secure in society, putting each issue in its right position and proving that the Egyptian society still has strong institutions providing rights stated by constitution. The center also thanked Noha Rushdi Saleh who received this ruling because of her courage.

The center renewed its request for policemen to take their turn toward females’ protection, not to be subjected to them or to be lenient with those harass them.

North Cairo Court ordered on Tuesday, October 21 the imprisonment for three years against a car driver who harassed Rushdi crudely while she was walking with her friend in Refaa Street off Al Khalifa Al Maamun.