What Will happen if We Take Charge of the Government?

I would like to emphasize from the outset that it is unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future, that Muslim Brotherhood will hold power

But let’s persume, for the sake of argument, that this would happen. What is then our conception of that government, its concerns and mechanisms of work?

I believe that the government that we want should only be the outcome of a strong popular choice freely expressed through the ballot box. In our opinion, only the people should have the genuine right to choose their leaders, representatives and the program that reflects their ambitions. They should also be enabled to exercise their right to bring government to account or even to dismiss it in case of failure to carry out the program, which it promised to implement. This should happen through a peaceful transfer of power and the rules of democracy

Our first priority would be that government must restore public freedoms, including the right to establish political parties, whatever their tendencies may be, and the freedom of the  press, thought and creativity in the field of arts, within the boundaries of the basic tenets of society, public order and morality. This also includes dissolving emergency courts, rescinding emergency laws, the issuance of the law establishing the independent judiciary and the release of all prisoners of conscience and political detainees.

Second, the holding of free and fair elections under the full and real supervision of the judiciary, to ensure that the results truly and authentically express the free will of the people.

Third, undertaking to establish a true segregation between the three authorities, the legislative, judicial and executive authorities The freely-elected legislature would choose a body of qualified constitutional, legal and political experts to draft a new constitution that should determine the system of government and the relationship between the government and people, including limiting president’s terms to two, and establishing his accountability. The constitution must also define the rights and duties of citizens, states in detail the powers of authorities based on the rules of Islamic law and drawing from historical and existing experiences. The supreme court shall be the arbiter in determining the conformity of laws passed by the legislature to the basic provisions of the constitution.

Fourth, the ability to serve and efficiency in performance, not trust, gender or beliefs, will be the basis for filling posts and selecting staff in all fields and at all levels.

Fifth, we do view our fellow Coptic brothers as citizens enjoying all rights of citizenship. They are part of the fabric of this society, partners in homeland,decision-making and in destiny. Consequently, they have the full right to assume public posts, including that of the head of state.

 Sixth, in its economic policies, the government will base itself on the principle of combining the rules of free market- excluding monopoly- and state ownership, particularly with regard to major strategic enterprises. In this respect, the State must combat poverty and hunger, seek to achieve solidarity and distribute the State’s wealth and resources equitably among citizens.

Seventh, the government should pay special attention to education, scientific research and native development of technology, since this constitutes the first step in development and progress.  It is alright, it is even our duty, to obtain and adapt from others whatever modern scientific and technological knowledge we can acquire so as to be able to position ourselves in the highest ranks.

Eighth, We are going to give particular attention to comprehensive development, in its human, economic, social and cultural aspects. We will not fail to work seriously with a view to solving the problems form which citizens suffer, including housing, transportation, telecommunications, health, environmental pollution, etc.

Ninth, the government is under an obligation to encourage literature and arts with all the mans and tools at its disposal, provided that they be serious and purposeful literature and arts, complying with the values of society and the basic tenets of the nation. They should keep away from abject trivialities, indecencies, belittling people’s minds or deepening their ignorance.

Tenth, the government must open up to Arab and Muslim governments. There must be cooperation and solidarity among them in various economic, cultural, information and defense fields. We shall strive to promote cooperation and peace among states and peoples, on the basis of justice, respect of rights, and the elimination of injustices and suffering.

* First Deputy of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood