When Will America wake up from her slumber?

When Will America wake up from her slumber?

When future Historians look into the factors that ultimately brought down the American empire, one of the main factors they will feature  prominently is the “Israeli factor.”


It is well known that Israel, through the  numerous Zionist  lobbies or pressure groups,  more or less  controls America’s politics, media and financial institutions.


I am not going to provide statistical data showing the extent to which  nearly every aspect of American life is infiltrated and penetrated by Zionism. Such data are readily available for those seeking the truth about Zionist dominance in America.


Instead, I suggest that skeptics speak to  some of those senators or congressmen  and women who dare to “tell it like it is,” or privately ask  some people in the media and show-business about their respective experiences with regard to the “Lobby.”


Undoubtedly they will hear stories they have never thought they ever will hear.


In the late 1970s, the American Jewish intellectual Alfred Lilienthal wrote an extremely important book on the Jewish lobby that controls contemporary America. The book is titled “The Zionist Connection: What Price Peace,” and is in my opinion one of the greatest books written in the twentieth century.


The reason I mentioned Lilienthal’s book is because the Zionist control of American political  life and institutions  is today deeper, tighter and more encompassing than ever before. And there is no doubt under the sun that America’s steady  downfall is imputed first and foremost to this impenetrable Israel-worshiping  lobby which utilizes America’s power and resources for the sake of serving and promoting Zionist goals both in the Middle East and at the global level.


Didn’t Israeli emissaries in the 1990s, following the collapse of the former Soviet Union,  tell the rulers of Central Asia and Eastern Europe that “we control the US government, and the way to America’s mind and heart goes through Jerusalem?”!!!


Sounds anti-Semitic? Well, don’t be too sure,  just listen to what Zionist leaders and rabbis  in Israel are saying! Maybe you will change your views.


Some of the most strident and audacious acts  Israel and her agents in America have taken to destroy America from within has been the American invasion and occupation of Iraq. That unnecessary and  manifestly disastrous war was conceived in  and planned by Israel through the mostly Jewish neocons in Washington, D.C.


Interestingly, not only has this criminal war killed more than a million Iraqis and several thousand American soldiers, but it has also ruined the United States financially and dealt the American currency, the dollar, what seems to be an irreversible crushing  blow.


Needless to say, the current mega crisis in America, on the one hand,  and the ongoing Israeli-conceived wars America is fighting in many parts of the world, on the other,  are inextricably entwined.  American leaders and politicians won’t say that openly. But America doesn’t lack the brain power to find out the truth about the umbilical connection between the Israeli factor and the ravaging financial crisis now facing the US.


Again, if you are in doubt, ask those who dare to speak in Washington and they will tell you what you can’t count on the Zionist-controlled media to tell you.  After all, Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Time and Newsweek, to mention a few of the so-called “agenda setters,”  are not really answerable to the American people. They are answerable to the lobby, because if and when officials at these outlets  don’t go with the flow, they get fired immediately.


Now Israel has got America deeply sinking in the futile war on terror, which is actually another meaningless war on Israel’s enemies, namely the Muslims, for supporting the just Palestinian cause and demanding Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab land.


Like the Iraq war and the Afghan war, the apparently nihilistic war on terror is being waged on Israel’s  behalf because, in the final analysis,  there is really no conflict between Muslims and America.


Yes, “9/11”, we are told,  was carried out by a few terrorists who held Muslim names and who wrongly thought that they were serving the Palestinian cause and the cause of Islam by killing innocent people.


But these misguided individuals, if indeed they were the real villains (because there is a growing mass of evidence prompting honest  people to doubt and question the authenticity of the official American narrative in this regard) only represent a tiny part of the Muslim world. Muslims generally don’t hate America and the American people. Most people don’t hate other people, regardless of religion and culture. It is only due to grievances that oppressed people harbor ill feelings toward their oppressors.


Otherwise, I am sure a hundred per cent that Palestinians and Muslims in general have no inherent ill-feelings  toward the American people.


Of course, Zionist Jews, some of whom are now  distributing anti-Islamic DVDs in America to instill hatred and fear  of Islam and Muslims in the hearts of Americans in order to serve Israeli interests, dread  the day Americans will know the truth about Israel, e.g. that Israel is nothing less than a crime against humanity  and that it represents the ultimate  antithesis of everything the American people hold dear and stand for.


Yesterday, America had to allocate 700 billion dollars to bail out another ramshackle American financial institution.


I am afraid there will be more bad news in this regard if America doesn’t reclaim its liberty from the Zionist Rober Barons who have come to  tightly control the American financial establishment.


Moreover,  should the US  decide to act on Israel’s instructions (or orders) and go to war against another Muslim country, this time Iran, one could  imagine the magnitude of the financial and therefore economic disaster that would befall America and the world.


A few years ago, it was rumored that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that certified war criminal,  told Shimon Peres, then Israel’s foreign minister, during an acrimonious cabinet meeting “that we control America from California to New York and the stupid Americans know it.”


And while I am not completely sure about the authenticity of the statement, it is amply clear that the disgraceful pandering to Zionism by  American politicians, including Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John  McCain and their running mates,  vindicates the veracity of that statement, uttered or unuttered.


Today, Israel is trying to consummate its hateful enterprise of ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, using American money and American power. Israel will fight the Muslim world to the last American dollar and the last American soldier.


Hence, it is time ordinary Americans wake up from their slumber to reclaim their country from rapacious Zionism.  Because their very future is at stake.