Whitewashing war crimes with stale lies

Whitewashing war crimes with stale lies

Many Zionist Jews are angry and frustrated these days following the ample attention given to the Goldstone report around the world. 

This is why huge amounts of classical Zionist lies about the Nazi-like winter onslaught against the Gaza Strip are being pumped through the internet.

One Zionist hasbara  (propaganda)  activist, whose job is to propagate these lies in order to white wash the virtual Gaza genocide, has claimed that whatever wrongs Israel committed in Gaza occurred by mistake.

“There is a difference- a great difference-between tragic mistakes that happened during war and radical Islam’s indiscriminate wickedness”

Well, how many times “tragic mistakes” are supposed to occur? A hundred times? A thousand times?

In fact, Israel has been knowingly and deliberately making  these “mistakes” since time immemorial, so much that we can, without a bit of exaggeration,  speak  of a consistent  modus operandi.

Besides, when mistakes occur and are repeated numerous times, it means they are “the” outstanding “policy.” After all, Israel can’t consistently murder civilians as a matter of policy and then claim the atrocities were committed by “mistake.”

More to the point, when the number of victims is so high and disproportionate to any conceivable provocation, even intention becomes irrelevant.

Hence, the claim that the Nazi-like crimes committed by Israel against the helpless and  unprotected Palestinian civilians were mere mistakes should be treated as nothing short of pornographic lies, a sort of fornication with language.

The supremacist Zionist activist, who thinks Jews are not capable of doing evil, quoted Yair Lapid, from Yediot Ahronot, who argued in a recent article that the international community had failed to understand that Israel is an “enlightened western democracy that struggles for its existence in the wild East.”

Well, this is another pornographic lie. In fact, the distance between the Judeo-Nazi entity and true enlightenment is so enormous that the two can be perceived as an odious oxymoron. This is so because Israel represents the ultimate antithesis of  human civility,  and vice versa.

A few years ago,  a Jewish intellectual and member of  British Parliament lamented the fact that “ Israel has made the Star of David Look like the Swastika of Hitler.” That was before the barbarian blitzkrieg against Gaza. I wonder how he would describe the evil state now.

In the final analysis, it is an insult to language and common sense to call a state that thinks, and behaves and acts like Nazi Germany “enlightened.” Calling Israel “enlightened” is analogous to calling the Gestapo or SS “innocent boy scouts.”

In truth, Israel is neither enlightened nor a democracy. A true democracy would not  murder “goy” children  and young men in order to harvest their organs for sale in America or in order to be transplanted in Jewish patients.

Nor would it instruct soldiers manning roadblocks to  prevent women about to give birth from reaching nearby hospitals in order to check Arab demographic growth. Does anyone know how many Palestinian women bled to death because the Gestapo of our time wouldn’t allow them to reach hospital?

Again, calling Israel “democratic” is also a form of fornication with language. This is so because a true democracy doesn’t discriminate against a segment of its citizens because of their “wrong” religion, as Israel does. Nor does it adopt a duplicitous justice system depending on whether one is a Jew or a goy!!!

The Zionist hasbara activist goes on elucidating the virtues of Israel and its army and the vices of the Palestinians.

“You fail to distinguish Jewish morals from radical Islam’s lack of morality.”

Well, where is that Jewish morality? Is it a moral act to rain white Phosphorus and other agents of death on helpless children in Gaza ?

Is it  a moral act to order panicking civilians into  buildings  and then bomb these buildings from high altitudes, killing everyone inside? Is it a moral act to annihilate so many entire families because a member of these families was suspected of sympathizing with a political party that Israel didn’t like? Indeed, is it a moral act to cut off food, water and basic consumer products from 1.5 million on no ground other than the fact that they had chosen to elect a “non-conformist” political party? Indeed,  if these crimes are acts of morality, then Hitler and his colleagues, Stalin and his, and all other mass killers throughout history must be viewed as great paragons of virtue and morality.

The truth of the matter is that Israel has made “Jewish morality” look very much like Nazi morality. In the final analysis, when Jews behave like the Nazis, they become Nazis themselves.

Then commonsense is further affronted by the claim that the appointment by Israel of “inquiry commissions” shows that Israel is a state where the rule of law is paramount.

Well, How many Israeli  war criminals have been prosecuted let alone punished following each massacre of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians?

A few years ago, the Judeo-Nazi state established the so-called Winograd  Commission to look  into the massive Israeli bombing of South Lebanon in 2006 which killed more than 1400 Lebanese civilians.

However, it was amply clear that the commission didn’t look into the often pornographic atrocities committed against Lebanese civilians but concentrated on discussing why Israel failed to subdue Hezbollah.

The committee said absolutely nothing about the estimated 2-3 million cluster bomblets dropped from high altitudes on civilian areas. Well, theoretically at least, these bomblets were enough to kill 2-3 million Lebanese children. This would have been at least half a holocaust by Zionist standards.

Finally, I would like to say that a country or a religious or ethnic community doesn’t become “enlightened” or “democratic” or “decent’ just by claiming to have these epithets.

Evil people throughout history always claimed that they represented virtue and morality. After all, murderous crimes and virulent lies go hand in hand.

 However, their actions and behaviors always belie, negate and refute their mendacious claims.  Which makes Israel the world’s most repugnant example of a state that combines murderous criminality with virulent mendacity.

Needless to say, such a state has nothing to do with any true morality, Jewish or non-Jewish. It is a satanic entity that must go.

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