Who are they? The Muslim Brotherhood

Who are they? The Muslim Brotherhood

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Muslim Brotherhood is a movement comprising of a group of Muslims advocating, working towards, and demanding governance by Allah’s law, and live in the shadow of Islam, as was revealed to the Messenger of God ﷺ and as the pious predecessors have advocated, acted upon and for, with firm belief that sealed hearts, sound understanding that filled intellects and minds, and laws that regulate behavior and politics. In their method of advocating Allah’s message, they adhere to the words of their Lord, Glory be to Him. )Invite ˹all˺ to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and kind advice) Surah al-Nahl

Dialogue to them is civilized using methods of persuasion and conviction that rely on the provision of argument, logic, clear evidence, and proof. Freedom is an obligation and an inherent right granted by Allah to His servants, irrespective of their race, tongue and creed. 

Freedom means freedom of belief, worship, expression of opinion, participation in decision-making, exercising the right to elect and choose through free and impartial election. It is not allowed to attack the right of freedom or the right of security, as it is not allowed to practice silence in the face of aggression or be tainted by it.

Knowledge is considered one of the founding principles of the Islamic State. Therefore, exceptionality in the sphere of knowledge is a duty on the Islamic nation, as is the complete provision of all means of defending its security, securing its freedoms, and deterring aggression.

As is obligatory the execution of the global message of God that enjoins them to sanction and institute the meanings and landmarks of peace, as well as confront domination, imperialism, dictatorship, and pillaging of the wealth of others.

The Book of Allah and the established practice of His Messenger ﷺ form the basis of education, conceptions, standards, virtues, laws and regulations, guarantees, controls and reforms, and the Islamic nation will never be lost as long as long as it adheres to that.


Islam, according to the understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood, organizes the daily affairs of all people and nations for all times and places. Islam emerged as the most complete, sublime, and grand system that shows the minute details of life. Moreso, in worldly matters, general laws and rules are set in all areas that guide people to their practical application and remain within the limits of these laws.

So if prayer is the pillar of religion, then striving in the path of Allah is the pinnacle, as Allah is the ultimate goal and the Messenger ﷺ is the exemplary model, the leader and the chief. Striving in the path of Allah is thus the noblest of aspirations.

If justice is one of the founding pillars of the Islamic state according to the Muslim Brotherhood, then equality is considered the most important characteristic, and the rule of law derived from God’s law is: To achieve justice emphasizes equality.

The relationship between nations and states is one of solidarity, cooperation and exchange of knowledge. This relationship is a means of progression on the basis of equality and parity with no room for interference in the affairs of others nor imposition of influence, domination, control, or marginalization and infringement of the rights of others.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a movement where the hopes of those who love reform, the troubled nations and Muslims whose rights have been infringed upon are met and addressed.

This is the true essence of the Muslim Brotherhood, as they call for a return to Islam, to its pure essence, to the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet ﷺ and the Sunni way, as they themselves act in accordance to the purified Sunnah always, in belief and worship.

It is a mystical reality. The Muslim Brotherhood know that the basis of goodness is purity of the soul, cleanliness of the heart, soundness of the chest, diligence in work, turning away from creation, love for Allah, and to find union in Him alone, Glory be to Him.

They are also a political body that demands the transformation of governance, the re-assessment and consideration of the relationship that exists between the Islamic nation and other nations, and the honorable and dignified development of the Islamic nation. 

They are an active-conscience movement that is concerned with maintenance of good health, as a strong believer is better than a weak believer, in adherence to the words of the Prophet ﷺ- “Your body has a right over you.” The commandments of Islam can only be fulfilled with a strong body, a faithful heart and a sound mind.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also a scientific and cultural movement as knowledge in Islam is an obligation and seeking it is encouraged, even if it is in China. This is because the progression and development of the Islamic state is built on faith and knowledge.

They are also an economic entity, as Islam also takes into consideration matters relating to money and the earning of it. The Prophet ﷺ said, “The best money belongs to a righteous man” and (He who has become the one who works his hand has become forgiven).

Similarly, they also represent a social ideology, concerned with the diseases of society and trying to find ways to address them and heal the nation from them.

This correct perception of Islam endorses the all-inclusiveness of Islam in all aspects and spheres of life, and matters of this world and the Hereafter.