Who Protects Us Against Police Violations…Who Is Major Amer Abdul Maqssoud?

Who Protects Us Against Police Violations…Who Is Major Amer Abdul Maqssoud?

All the Egyptian classes; especially poor ones, suffer from violations of their rights and degradation at the hands of the police officers and soldiers who enjoy unlimited powers on the people; some of those violations and atrocities were disclosed to the public while many more still curtained till now.

Who is Major Amer Abdul Maqssoud? He is the deputy commissioner of Sannouras police station at Faiom governorate. He is known of brutality and vulgarity since he doesn’t have mercy on the people whether young or aging. Once, he went to Gabala village of Sannouras city where he devastated the majority of the houses of the poor people without even allowing for them to bring their possessions out before the pull-down process.

But it is different with the rich; he accepts bribes and keeps their houses intact and evades decisions with them same like what he did with one of the merchants who is doubted of trading in forged currencies when he usurped a land spot affiliated to the city’s Youth Club.

In addition, he is known of brutality and mercilessness against the political detainees; he denies their food and covers. He locates them in inhumane cells leading to the recent hunger strike the prisoners went on yesterday.

Despite all such atrocities, the Ministry of Interior conferred honor upon him for his efforts exerted in torturing the people and muzzling any free voice in Sannouras city; especially during the recent parliamentary elections during which he was the hero who arrested more than 250 ones and put them in El Ezab Prison at Faiom. He also injured nearly 70 Egyptians.