• Torture
  • September 18, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

who was arrested on March 25?, The Interior Minister denied

who was arrested on March 25?, The Interior Minister denied

The Interior Minister denied issuing a release order for 25-year-old Abdallah Maher Ibrahim, who was arrested on March 25. Despite undergoing two operations to the brain as a result of injury while tortured was inflicted by security agents at the Nasr City headquarters, the "no release order" was given. Ibrahim was arrested and charged with belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group and transporting donations to Gaza earlier this year.


Ibrahim was transferred to al-Marg Prison after being questioned and beaten, which have resulted in terrible headaches, blurring of vision and imbalance, although he reported his pains to the administration, he was denied transfer to any hospital and was given analgesics, which did not alleviate the pain. 

He was again transferred to Borg Alarab Prison on July 1 and the pain continued. Attention was only given when his cell mates could not bear his cries of pain and action had to be taken. Ibrahim’s father confirmed that his son was taken to the Alexandria University hospital, where numerous tests were done, including cat scans, which revealed that he had blood collecting on the brain and a fracture to the skull as a result of repeated assaults to the head during questioning.

Ibrahim underwent surgery to remove the blood and was transferred again back to prison, despite the fact that he was still in pain. Another operation was performed and again requests were denied for him to remain longer in hospital. Ibrahim’s father said "I was only permitted 10 minutes to see my son who was chained to the bed by his hands and feet in spite of of his condition."


Ibrahim’s father has filed numerous appeals to the President and the Minister of Interior beseeching them to look into his son’s case whose health is at a critical stage. He has yet to receive any replies.