• Torture
  • September 6, 2009
  • 3 minutes read

Who will protect the citizens from the tyranny of the police?

Who will protect the citizens from the tyranny of the police?

The city of Matareya in Daqahleya governorate is currently living a state of rage and anger as people accused Major Mohamed Abul Azam, the new Head of State Security Investigations in Matareya, of killing a citizen.

Abul Azm launched a raids campaign on coffee shops and in the fishermen area.

Due to the rumours concerning the cruelty of the policemen, fishermen tried to flee once they saw them coming, but Mohammed Mahmoud Ismail, jumped into a lake and died instantly; Abdo Shouq was severely injured.

Ibrahim Al-Shereyi, a friend of the victim, relayed in a statement to Ikhwanweb "we were sitting with a group of our friends when

 Police stopped and everyone started running as they recognised the new officer and his reputation of fabricating accusations for anyone he arrests in fact none of the people arrested were released since his arrival on the 1st of Ramadan".

"I received a phone call from Mohammed, the victim, and I heard voices of people running and a splash into the water. I never heard his voice so I told Noaman, my cousin, to go with me to the lake as I think they’re chasing Mohammed and Abdo.   We went and I heard a voice of someone in pain and asking for help as the police cars were leaving." he added.

"Noaman and I went to the lake to search and found Abdo Shouk and he was in a critical condition fortunately we were able to save him but unfortunately Mohammed had fallen on his head in the lake. We couldn’t save him as he died instantly".

Taha Al-Atrash, one of the fishermen, described the matter as grave claiming thiswould lead to clashes between citizens and the police to get revenge from the new officer, pointing out that Mohammed was 25 years old, newly married with a newborn. He enjoyed a fine reputation with no record and was loved by everyone in Matareya.

He attributed the state of rage among people to the cruelty and tyranny of the officer, stressing that the people gathering, damaging police cars and ambulances and their attempts to burn the police department is nothing but a normal reaction.

 Naeim Mahmoud, the victim’s brother, denied the accusations of his brother which were fabricated by the police in the report about the incident, stressing that his brother resisted the police and tried to escape while they were arresting him on charges of possession of weapons, denying that his brother owned any weapons at all