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  • February 16, 2011
  • 4 minutes read

Who’s Afraid of the MB?

Who’s Afraid of the MB?

Former US president Jimmy Carter is perhaps best known for negotiating the Camp David Accords and subsequent peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. For years he has been working toward resolving conflict and promoting democracy and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his untiring efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflict.

Carter is hopeful that the uprising in Egypt will have positive effects on the country but warned that although it is stirring other emotions in the Middle East it is still a tinderbox for the world. 

On another positive note Carter said he believed the Egyptian military will cede political power and allow free and open elections. Carter is not afraid that true democracy would open to radical Islamism, stating that he has known members of the Muslim Brotherhood and "they are not anything to be afraid of".

Although the former president said he believes the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to form a political party –with polls registering them with around 15 percent support – he does not think they will become the ruling party. 

Carter also agreed with President Obama’s handling of the uprising, saying that it is necessary that the US shows their friends and allies they will not leave them as soon as there is dissent. At the same time he is disappointed that until now there has been no resolution to the Israeli and Palestine problem, hoping the uprising in Egypt might lead to new developments.