Why Are Muslims Alone in Condemning Crimes?

Why Are Muslims Alone in Condemning Crimes?

Christian organizations did not issue any condemnations (for crimes committed by Christians or in the name of Christianity) – even though no one group in the history of the world has committed more crimes than Christians, notes Yousef Abudayyeh.

Muslim organizations and the people who run them in the US should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done to add to the misery and discrimination that Arabs and Muslims face in the United States of America.

These sad and bankrupt organizations are always the first to condemn any tragedy that happens here or anywhere for that matter, when the perpetrator(s) are of the Muslim faith or are Arabs or of Arabic heritage.

Their actions are responsible for the continued discrimination against us. Instead of issuing condemnations of crimes that take place, and making it look as if being Arab or Muslim is the reason for committing the crime, they should have a backbone and either shut up or take the stand that will challenge the right wing and the system in the United States and make it clear to them that Islam and or Arabs are not reasons crimes take place.

No human being should condone the killing of people anywhere and that’s why we should all be shocked to see crimes such as the one committed by Nidal Hasan take place.

Crimes always take place and they are carried out by people who for whatever reason(s) commit them, and we all should take a clear stand against these crimes, but the Muslim and Arab organizations in this country should not be waiting for crimes carried out by Muslims and or Arabs to take place so they can be the first to condemn them, but their job should be to combat racist acts and rhetoric that is taking place on daily basis, which goes without any challenge.

Since the first second that media outlets in the US learned that Hasan was a Muslim, they started attacking the religion and those who believe in it and the condemnations by Muslim and Arab groups did nothing but add fuel to these racist attacks on us.

This should be clear to those organizations, because this always happens. And even though some Jason Rodriguez went into his former work offices in Orlando Florida and started shooting and killing people there, media outlets said nothing about this guy’s religion and its role in having him commit this outrageous crime, nor did Christian organizations issue any condemnations – even though no one group in the history of the world has committed more crimes than Christians.

So why do these Muslim and Arab organizations keep doing this? Go figure.