Why Attempts To deal with Western biases failed?!

There are two main reasons resulted in the failure to maintain a healthy ground for critical dialogue with West; the first is related to the culture of “Guidance” adopted by some Muslim Sheikhs and preachers when they deal with west as “a sinner man” who  needs to be reformed through the tolerant teachings of Islam, while the other is related to the nature of west’s discourse and the reasons behind failure in influencing western elites and forming influential lobbies like that of Jews in West who were able to establish strong lobbies that did not react in most of times as lobbies to defend the rights of Jews but as anti-discrimination and religious bigotry lobbies who monopolized defending Semitism when confronting all enemies.

Many of our scholars when any clash with west takes place they attribute it immediately to the ignorance of west about Islam then they appeal to the professors and scholars of Al-Azhar to send delegations and preachers to explain teachings of Islam to the west.

 While other teams of Muslim scholars travel to Denmark to face the crisis of Danish cartoons with a trivial and shallow discourse about Islam in a society ignores even its Christian heritage and they dealt with the European audience as if they deal with the audience of aristocratic class in Egypt and Arab Satellite Channels.
This kind of culture, the culture of “guiding the other” is common among many religious and preaching circles. This culture reflects a unilateral comprehension for culture and religion alike, besides it does not put into consideration that there is a wide difference between the western European civilization and the Islamic Arab one, although there are common human aspects between both civilizations. Moreover, one should not forget that Europeans lived under secular regimes that went through destructive wars against religion and the authority of clergy.

Therefore, the revival of religious activities once more to such secular communities will incite the sensitivity of a large sector of ordinary Europeans and not fanatic ones.

Our contemporary time requires that we should acquaint west about Islam and not guide them to Islam. In other word if we moved from the philosophy of preaching to the philosophy of acquainting implicates that we are aware of the western cultural reality where there are neutral sector of Europeans do really want to know Islam and get acquainted with its culture like knowing other cultures, histories and religions.

Preachers will never change the negative image of Islam because this image is not radically inspired by a religious creedal conflict, but because of set of political economic cultural values that brought east and west to face each other.
The other side is related to the naïve and shallow way that we are dealing with the concept of “lobby” in the western communities.

Arab world failed to attract allies and friends who are known to have influence in west, they even failed to understand the method of creating a lobby, and they are only satisfied with the discourse and theory of “conspiracy” and the “protocols of the learned elders of Zion” as an interpretation to the success of the Jewish lobby.

Many of us look upon the Jewish Lobby in Europe as if they are only a religious complex that gained its influence through the religious and cultural tie.

The way a large sector of Jews in Europe adopted since the Second World War proved their skillful abilities to transfer the issue of the persecution they faced on the hands of Nazism  to a struggle issue that afflict the entire humanity.

Accordingly, we will find that the “industry” of the Jewish lobby was never an acquired or stable thing, yet it was an established project on the bases of political achievements that made any abuse against Jews or mocking them a matter contradicts with the values of the democratic European community.

Consequently, one can find many leftist and communist movements against discrimination and feel sympathy towards Jews not because of the “Jewish conspiracy” as others think, but this is attributed to the sympathy because of human considerations that the Jewish lobby focused on while addressing west.

Many Zionist Jews were able to appear in the image of human right defender and as against discrimination so they succeeded in creating ally circles and attract the sympathy of both Jews and non-Jews and even people from east and west.

Despite that this modern political employment has taken place mostly in favor of keeping the absolute support of Israel, it in the end took place through an operation of a social and political interaction, and is not because of this exceptional creature (The evil creature as repeats some of us, and a benevolent as repeats the Zionists).

The bitter reality is that Arab world had a great opportunity to face the American aggression on both Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli occupation through a set of integrated values that defend justice, freedom and equality among people. This will attract many allies in western communities especially under the barefaced violation for the international legitimacy perpetrated by USA in all its wars against terrorism besides the existence of Israel as the last occupation and imperialist country as an exceptional case.

Unfortunately, we failed to invest this historical and crucial moment which is regarded as a political and intellectual disorder in the values adopted by American administration, and our naïve conception that we can play the role of sergeant or guide to the western societies.

No one can ever imagine that this exceptional protection that Jews in Europe and America enjoyed is attributed to the orders of president Bush or Chirac or the role of security in arresting any who dares to criticize the exaggerated number of victims cremated in the holocaust or launching any criticism for the state of Israel, but this is attributed to an established set of cultural and political values that were prepared after the Second World War, then later it became an accomplished fact.

This is the point where we failed to invest it, so our image when defending the western offenses against Islam appeared as if we are confronting the freedom of opinion and expression, and we appeared in an image as if we are playing the role of sergeant on these communities.

We have forgotten that the “censorship” set in order to protect the exceptional protection for the state of Israel, Jewish writings for the history of Palestine, and the Second World War was a result of an accomplished set of values that are established and became truths for decades.

 We had a great opportunity to seize in the first Palestinian intifada and the second one to establish the first base for a new set of values that is capable of penetrating west and the circles of decision making.

If we have seized the opportunity we would have found ears to accept our views about mocking the Prophets and Messengers whom we regard as part of noble human values and does not contradict with the freedom of opinion and expression.