Why have arrested our family caregivers?

We want our father, grandfather and our uncle back home ….Or throw us behind bars to enjoy their company
You have arrested all our family
Our father…the beacon of hope ………
Our grandfather…an icon of tenderness and warmth …..and our uncle who has been playing with us and telling us wonderful stories………….
You have made us grief-stricken….our hearts are bleeding
No more delight in my family after you divided it
You broke all our toys……… You left even our school books in disarray
Now, you are freezing the money which they toiled to gain for us
They worked hard to gain it
They didn’t steal…they didn’t deceive
Don’t you have similar aged children
Aren’t you moved by our grief
You will never forget our grief and our tears
Despite your prison…they will remain free in our eyes
The detention of our father, grandfather and uncle will spawn hundreds to take their path
Sara Ayman Abdul Ghan
Anas Ayman Abdul Ghan
Salman Ayman Abdul Ghani
Habiba Ayman Abdul Ghan
Their Grandfather: Eng. Khairat Al Shater
Their Father: Eng. Ayman Abdul Ghani
Their Uncle: Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani

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