Why Was the MB Military Trial’s Verdict Postponed? Dr. Habib Writes

Why Was the MB Military Trial’s Verdict Postponed? Dr. Habib Writes

I believe that adjourning the verdict session of the military tribunal trying 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) till next March, 25th, reflects three indications First:The case, its elements and components, from beginning to end is politically motivated, aiming primarily to harrass the Muslim Brotherhood and curb its role in the Egyptian political life. This includes attempts to distort the reputation and image of the group, its members and leaders in front of public opinion, specially after the 2005 legislative elections in which the group”s candidate garnered 88 seats let alone 40 other seats which were rigged for the ruling party”s candidate.

The farcical way through which adjourning the verdict session took place capped about 70 trying sessions throughout a full year during which the defense lawyers proved how the case is groundless and has no legal foundation. The four acquittals that the detainees received from civilian courts also show crystal clear why this case was referred to the military justice.

Second: Adjourning the session came amid preparations for the municipal elections scheduled to be held April, 8th. Issuing any verdict during such circumstances may negatively affect the regime”s attempts to improve its image in front of the elite and the public, specially since it failed to tackle day-to-day problems facing Egyptian citizens including unemployment, huge price hikes, inflation, education, health, environmental pollution, housing and transportation, in addition to human rights violations file, the prevalent corruption in the local administration, and the aggravating tensions in the Egyptian society reflected by dozens of sit-ins and strikes reflect due to the low wages and salaries. Taking into our consideration the strong rejection voiced by the Egyptian elite groups, including professionals, intellectuals, celebrties, politicians and writers, against trying civilians in front of military courts; we can be sure that the current circumstances arn’t suitable for the regime to issue such verdicts.

Third: Adjourning the verdict aims also to draw the focus of the Muslim Brotherhood to the military trial and thus to prevent it from preparing for the Municipal elections. This is because they know that the group gathers members mobilizes their powers to express solidarity with their civilian MB leaders facing military tribunal. the group holds activities and conferences that take time and effort. Adjourning the session means extending time and effort for these activities. The regime thinks that such activites will prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from preparing well for the municipal elections, which constitute the political present and future for the regime. This regime forgot that the Muslim brotherhood can carry out several tasks and missions at the same time through fairly distributing interests and focus on several issues. The Muslim Brotherhood tackles issues like internal reform, fighting corruption and tyranny, mobilizing for the military court, the Palestinian cause, elections and othes .

Dr. Mohamed Habib is the First Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood