Widespread Response Among Lawyers to The Strike

Widespread Response Among Lawyers to The Strike

Many lawyers from different Egyptian governorates went on a strike organized by Union’s ex-council and MB lawyers on Tuesday 24th February 2009, 90% of Egyptian lawyers went on a strike according to union’s ex-president Sameh Ashour.

Lawyers went on a strike today in all courts, special and general unions, to protest on the bill that the lawyers described as suspicious, this bill is to increase Judicial fees, with such protest lawyers want to stop the government from enforcing the law on the Parliament and they demand the bill to be excluded from Parliament’s agenda.

Lawyers were lifting up banners in the General Union, downtown, Cairo shows that this bill is issued to suit certain category of people and it is going to prevent the average Egyptian of their judicial rights.

Gathered lawyers were surprised when Ayman Nour, Al-Ghad Party’s head, showed up and expressed solidarity with the lawyers, he also went to the extent to threaten to question this bill into constitutional validity in case the government approved it by People’s Assembly.

Lawyers kept repeating slogans demanding fall of Ahmad Izz, Business man and Organization Secretary of the NDP, Mamdouh Marey, Minister of Justice, Ahmad Sorour, People Assembly’s president and Habib Al-Adly, Minister of Internal Affairs, Lawyers impeached them to be the tools of punishment the government use against Egyptian nation’s dreams and best interest.

Lawyers tried to exit the union’s building in a march but security forces stood on the way and prevented them. This strike came after Parliament’s initial approval on the bill last Sunday that was met by a widespread objection among lawyers.