WikiLeaks reveals Vatican has Islamophobic tendencies

WikiLeaks reveals Vatican has Islamophobic tendencies

 The WikiLeaks cables are getting more interesting by the minute exposing and highlighting what has already been brewing in many intellects minds of the attitude of some in the West regarding the Muslim world in what has become a phenomenon known and labelled as Islamophobia. Such fear and hostility leads to discriminations against Muslims, exclusion of Muslims from mainstream political or social process, stereotyping, the presumption of guilt by association, and finally hate crimes.

According to the latest revelations of WikiLeaks, the ‘refined and distinguished’ Pope Benedict was quoted stressing that he was against the inclusion of Turkey in the European Union (EU). When asked why his lame come back was “due to its Muslim identity” Such biased attitudes are present despite the fact that history books have recorded that Muslim contributions played a significant part in developing a civilization in Europe. The Europe in which Benedict lives in and wants to marginalize the Muslims future role in.

With the numerous scandals concerning allegations by young boys all the Vatican needs now is to be labelled discriminative. Pope Benedict was vocal with his view that a Muslim country should not be a part of EU. The secret cable of an American diplomat posted in Rome stated further that the diplomat however advised Washington to work for the inclusion of Turkey in the EU.

It has also been disclosed in the secret cable that Vatican is developing diplomatic links with all the countries of the world as well as the UNO and that it also pressurizes some countries.
Ironically Adding salt to the wound is another leaked cable reporting that the Diplomat r
eveals the Vatican’s ‘unhelpful’ role in Middle East peace process. The leaked cables which are surely to be followed by others indicate that the Vatican is without doubt demonstrating an evident tilting of scales, double standards and a complete disregard to the religious duties of preserving peace, loving thy neighbours and the renowned Vatican avowals that Respect for religious freedom and its promotion “must not in any way make us indifferent towards truth and goodness.

What part of discrimination against Muslim countries and denying help to promote peace makes the Vatican Respect religion freedom and remain indifferent towards truth and goodness remains to be seen.