Wikileaks to Publish 15,000 US Files

Wikileaks to Publish 15,000 US Files

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has declared that the remaining 15,000 classified US military files will be released despite US pressure to withhold the documents.

Assange made the announcement on a video link to a London audience, AFP reported.

On August 5, US press secretary Geoff Morrell formally demanded that Wikileaks return all the classified documents in it’s possession including the 15,000 unreleased cache.

In response to US pressure, when asked whether Wikileaks would release the documents, Assange responded, “Absolutely.”

The classified documents also expose how the US covered up deaths of countless innocent civilians murdered by international forces.

Furthermore, the names of Afghan informants for the US military are mentioned in the formerly secret files, prompting anger from the US which claims the lives of many people will be put at risk by exposure of the documents.

The files also contain other damaging accounts, including revelations that Pakistani intelligence operatives met directly with the Taliban and that deaths of innocent Afghan civilians at the hands of US-led foreign forces were covered up.

Assange, a 39 year old Australian who was a former hacker and computer programmer, has repeatedly said that the publication of the documents was aimed to promote public debate on the war in Afghanistan and atrocities committed by the US-led forces.