• June 10, 2014

Women Against Coup Condemns Al-Sisi’s Inauguration Eve Rape in Tahrir Square

Women Against Coup Condemns Al-Sisi’s Inauguration Eve Rape in Tahrir Square

 Egypt’s Women Against the Coup movement strongly condemns the heinous rape that took place Sunday at coup commander Al-Sisi’s inauguration ceremony right before the eyes and ears of police officers who showed no interest in ending the crime before it occurred.    


The rape of that woman echoes Sisi’s rape of Egypt as a whole. It is most ironic that on his first day as officially (albeit illegally) president of this homeland, he is unable to safeguard the safety or security of his own supporters.

It is even more ironic that no-one has been arrested for this most heinous crime, with all those detained (later) do not appear in the video recording of the rape. Meanwhile, coup police forces have a field day arresting our honorable and patriotic young ladies from their homes for expressing their opinion against the ruinous coup.  

The only policeman who appeared during the incident did not even try to fire his gun in the air to stop the crime. Certainly, he would have no hesitation whatsoever putting a bullet in the heart of a peaceful demonstrator.

Surprisingly, so many are rushing to take up this case, only because it took place in a pro-putschist event. Otherwise, they all choose to shut up with regard to the many ferocious crimes of the interior ministry and its murderous militias against Egypt’s honorable young ladies who are detained and harassed, even raped – just because they are supporters of democratic legitimacy.  
Women Against the Coup urges all to shoulder their responsibility to humanity, to deal with all cases with the same amount of objectivity, and to condemn all these heinous crimes, or risk losing credibility.