• April 27, 2015
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Women Against The Coup Statement on Sinai Liberation Day

Women Against The Coup Statement on Sinai Liberation Day

 The fascist coup commander Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and his gang of mercenaries in the coup army are demolishing the houses of Sinai residents on their heads, burning, killing and arresting young people, the elderly, women and children. After killing or arresting their husbands and sons, the murderers order surviving Sinai women out of their homes and the entire region, in an effort to evacuate the whole Sinai Peninsula in order to please and protect the Zionist enemy.

Amid all the junta’s insane violence and brutal atrocities in the Sinai, we mark the thirty-third anniversary of the so-called Sinai Liberation Day. The truth is: Egypt’s military rulers neglected the Sinai completely, both before and after the supposed liberation. They never sought to develop this integral part of Egypt, just to please the Zionist entity.

The Sinai people were never integrated into the Egyptian society except under the elected President Mohamed Morsi, who began the development of the region, allocating billions of Egyptian Pounds for the purpose. But after the coup, the military junta rushed to cancel all that.

Thereafter, the Sinai did not only return to neglect, but also suffered – and is till suffering – inhuman atrocities by the junta, who bomb their houses by military aircraft and missiles, demolishing their homes on their heads and forcibly displacing those who survive, especially in the area bordering the Gaza Strip, in order to tighten the siege around it, and again to please the Zionist enemy.

On this occasion, the Women Against The Coup movement places responsibility for all these crimes on the junta, particularly the horrid atrocities committed by the junta’s militias against the women of Sinai over the past months.

We extend our sincere condolences to our people in the Sinai, asking God Almighty to accept their martyrs, heal their wounds, free their prisoners, and remove this sorrow.

The Women Against The Coup movement also calls on Egyptian women to continue their revolutionary action in defense of Egypt in general and the people of Sinai in particular, until we defeat this illegitimate coup and exact retribution from these criminals.

Women Against The Coup

Saturday – April 25, 2015

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