Women Against the Coup Urges Rights Organizations to Help Stop Coup Violence, Atrocities

Women Against the Coup Urges Rights Organizations to Help Stop Coup Violence, Atrocities
As all the people around the world celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the coup regime in Egypt escalates its relentless war of atrocities and crimes against Egyptian women, like the Zionist occupation entity against Palestinian women and Syria’s heinous murderer against Syrian women.

Frenzied campaigns by the repressive regimes of these criminal gangs target Arab women, especially in Egypt with its military coup regime: they keep talking about freedoms, while their hands are still dripping with the blood of innocent people, from inhuman murderous atrocities that continue to-date.

Amid all this and more heinous violations Egyptian women in particular suffer at the criminal hands of this military-run regime, they still keep the top position in giving the finest examples of steadfastness and sacrifice in the face of repression, in defiance of its vengeance and persecution which have already exceeded all limits, with extrajudicial killings, forced displacement of tens of thousands of Egyptians – mostly women and children, arbitrary arrests, detention, enforced disappearances, even violent rape and executions.

Now, Egyptian women continue to suffer, with their legendary steadfastness and resilience in the face of the illegitimate coup regime’s brutality, which evidently increases as the generals sense their end coming fast, and then fair and prompt retribution. Egyptian women realize that their role is central to the success of the Revolution, leading its protest actions, while defending their own rights.

On this day, the Women Against the Coup movement calls on all human rights organizations and entities concerned with women’s rights as well as all revolutionary and human rights movements in the world, to stand by and support Egyptian women to help them restore their usurped rights from the criminal coup regime, whose page in history is already overflowing with blood, treachery and treason, until retribution is established, the homeland is free again, and Egypt and its people regain their pioneering leadership role among peoples and nations of the world.

Down with military rule

Women Against The Coup (#نساء_ضد_الانقلاب)

Cairo: Friday – November 20, 2015