• Women
  • April 4, 2007
  • 6 minutes read

Women’s Right in Islam

1. Spanish woman Fatimah Milla – Rumayor, a convert to Islam, talks about women’s rights in Islam. She is educated and bought up in Spain, she works as a linguist and is from Spain. She points out some useful information about Islam and she addresses the misconceptions that many people have about Islam and the role of women in it. Short video.




2. “Women in Islam: Through Western Eyes” by Dr. Lisa Killinger, an Amercian convert to Islam. Short videos.






3. Aminah Assilmi, an Amercian convert to Islam, speaks in brief on the women’s rights in Islam. Short video. 




4. Yusuf Estes, an Amercian convert to Islam, speaks on the women’s rights in Islam. Short Filmed at the Tech University in Virginia to a non-Muslim audience.





5. Women in Islam are portrayed media to be “oppressed” and “inferior” by many Westerners. Here Shabir Ally and his Lady guest provides a brief and authentic exposition of the teachings of Islam regarding women.