Work Strike in Tanta Company for Linen & Derivatives

More than one thousand workers in the Tanta company for linen and oils, Gharbiya  north of Cairo, staged an open work strike, protesting at reducing incentives by about half and making workers pay up to 30 % of their medical care costs in a flagrant violation to the labor law in addition to increasing working hours without more pay.
The strikers in the company confirmed that the company management pays privileged incentives (up to 15 thousand pounds a month) to some favored workers and employees, while the workers’ little incentives have been cut.
“While the executive director is always absent, they are facing continuous threats of dismissal from the Company’s Deputy Manager who gives them compulsory leaves up to three months”, said the workers, adding that the union committee that represents the company workers hasn’t done any effective role to protect workers.
Security leaders went to the company after the workers blocked the highway leading to Zagazig to force officials into listening to their complaint; all efforts to disperse the sit-in and strike failed and Tanta members of parliament failed in persuading the workers of stopping this measure. The workers demanded an urgent intervention from the Minister of Labour and the chairman of Egypt Labour Union to solve their problems .

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