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  • September 9, 2009
  • 2 minutes read

Workers at Amoun Drug Store strike against arbitrary transfer

Workers at Amoun Drug Store strike against arbitrary transfer

Over a thousand workers and administrators at Amoun company began an open-ended strike in response to the arbitrary decisions of the administration which were to dismiss or transfer employees to the Drugs United Company under the pretext of giving them less wages.

The strikers were forced to sign blank papers, which were used later by the administration as their resignations. These measures were contradictory to the administration’s assertion three years ago that the workers’ rights would be preserved, even in the case of company ownership changes or to the administration.

Strikers stressed that "we will continue this strike in all our branches especially in Assiut, Mansoura, Nozha and Suez."

 Sources say that "the transaction agreement signed three years ago agreed on selling 93 percent of the company’s shares to a consortium led by U.S. banking giant Citigroup, Inc. worth $459 million. The company later announced that among the institutions sharing in the consortium were Capital International, Private Equity Fund, City Group Venture Capital International and Concord International in New York."