World Complicit in Gaza Genocide, says Mohamed Morsi

World Complicit in Gaza Genocide, says Mohamed Morsi

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, member of the Executive Bureau of Muslim Brotherhood, blamed Arab and international regimes for the aggravating plight in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the darkness imposed on more than one and half million people is only because the Gazan people refused to submit and subordinate to the international decisions aiming at eradicating the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Morsi stated to Ikhwanonline that the whole world is involved in the genocide crime woven against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and wondered about the justifications of the Arab regimes and organizations which are doing nothing but just watching what is happening to the Palestinian people. He also wondered why the Arab funds have not been sent to save children, women, students and the elderly instead of losing them in the oil markets and the U.S. economy.

Dr. Morsi also wondered about the promises of America to introduce a just solution for the Palestinian cause. “Is there a link between the siege, the darkness and the Quartet meeting held in Sharm el-Sheikh last Sunday? Is the Egyptian and Arab silence towards that darkness because of Hamas movement’s refusal to sign a blank paper on the Egyptian reconciliation; so the punishment was swift from all directions and parties?
” he said.

Dr. Morsi called Arab and Islamic regimes and governments to return to their senses and to stand on the side of Palestine, and to give priority to the interests of their peoples over their personal interests.

He also called the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Al-Azhar and the Vatican, all human rights, humanitarian and relief organizations and the parliamentary bodies, especially Egyptian People’s Assembly, to take serious reactions to help the Palestinian people who live in a complete darkness, and to exert pressure on Arab regimes, especially the Egyptian government to provide the Palestinian people in Gaza with what they need of fuel, and not to fear the “Zionist usurper” who has been created by the international terrorism and injustice; which led to expelling the Palestinian people from their land, adding that those who became leaders of that illegal entity, use the Palestinian people – and especially in Gaza – as an electoral paper to achieve their terroristic interests.

Dr. Morsi expressed his tribute to the resistant Palestinian people and saluteed  them wherever they exist, especially in Gaza, who have created through their resistance a state of balance.