World Cup campaign to end the apartheid in Palestine

World Cup campaign to end the apartheid in Palestine

JOHANNESBURG, — Massive public and media campaigns were launched in conjunction with the World Cup soccer league, drawing attention to the fact that apartheid, which was abolished in South Africa two decades ago, still subsists in another form in another place.

Not only do the campaigns call for a stop to the racist regime incorporated by the Israeli occupation authority, but also for embargos and sanctions to be imposed on the IOA.

Both organizations and individuals spoke out on the sidelines of the World Cup, appealing that the struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa should continue in another manner, being as though a system of racial discrimination in Palestine arrogantly and aggressively continues.

Banners, posters, T-shirts, and multimedia materials carrying the message to end the apartheid in Palestine in English were distributed. Some banners and media materials show a soccer player wearing the Israeli flag kicking something which appears to be a ball at first glance, but which is actually a human head ousted on the ground.

The signs and posters have increasingly been handed out since the start of the World Cup, especially in South Africa and a number of European countries. A number of internet websites, such as provides high-quality downloadable versions of the images. The website’s administration confirmed that the website becomes increasingly popular every day with a succession of matches that have the highest known rates.

In the same context, a number of organizations launched campaigns to stand firm against the racist regime established by the IOA in Palestine, inspired by memories of the struggle against the apartheid in South Africa.

Organizations which advocate the Palestinian cause in South Africa, this year’s World Cup host, showed their confidence that the fate of the Israel’s racist regime in Palestine will come to its demise in the same way as it did in South Africa.