World Efforts to Calm Muslims

The World Economic Forum in Davos announced setting up 100-personage group to activate reconciliatory efforts between the West and the Islamic world and to defuse the crisis resulted from the deforming cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Meantime, the Organization of the Islamic Conference asserted its efforts to contain the stoking situation requesting an international commitment not to reprint similar caricatures.
In an interview with CNN, published on its web site on Sunday, Claus Schwab the WEF Executive Chairman said:” the group consists of 100 VIPs –50 from the Islamic world and 50 from the West— topped by Prince Torkey el-Faisal, Lord Kerry, and the ex-president of Canterbury Bishop to consider all possible mediums to reach full and mutual understanding between Europe and the Islamic world.”    
Schwab regarded the WEF ’a ground for people with different views to learn from each others. Therefore, reactive efforts of its members may be productive. If our mediation results in reconciliation, we will certainly be very happy