• May 18, 2015
  • 8 minutes read

World Students Condemn Military Junta Execution of Seven Young Egyptians

World Students Condemn Military Junta Execution of Seven Young Egyptians

 Egyptian courts yesterday (Saturday) sentenced to death many honest patriotic Egyptians, including the elected President Mohamed Morsi and renowned scholar Dr. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi (President of the World Federation of Muslim Scholars), without legal justification. Today (Sunday), the ruling military regime carried out the death penalty against seven of Egypt’s finest revolutionary youth. These death sentences come in the context of settling scores with political opponents, and to punish the free and patriotic Egyptian people for the proud Revolution that inspired the whole world.

Faced with all the latest junta atrocities, we the student organizations signatories to this statement say as follows:

1. We prayed for peace for the ruling military regime’s victims – the young people who were executed Sunday – we prayed for patience and solace for their families.

2. We strongly reject the farcical death sentences and insist they must be overturned immediately.

3. We fear that these unjust sentences will only push Egypt into further strife, tension and chaos at a time when it desperately needs concerted efforts – of all the people – to rise again towards real progress and development.

4. We call on all the free world and all human rights bodies and organizations that defend Arab and international human rights to shoulder their responsibilities with regard to these latest developments in Egypt.

5. We call upon all student organizations in the world, especially in the Arab and Muslim world to organize vigils, rallies and protest events and activities to show solidarity with Egypt’s free anti-coup men and women.

Furthermore, we the student organizations signatory to this statement will act with local and international human rights bodies to force the ruling regime in Egypt to stop carrying out the unjust and irresponsible sentences against the sons and daughters of Egypt’s Revolution.

Signatories to the statement:

Pan-African Student Union

General Sudanese Student Union

General Union of Tunisian Students

National Union of Algerian Students

National Union of Kuwaiti Students

National Union of Students of Morocco

Egyptian Student Union            
International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations – IIFSO

Global Alliance of Student Organizations in Support of Jerusalem and Palestine

International campaign of solidarity with Egypt students

Ennahda Youth of Tunisia

Ghana Union of Muslim Students

Islamic Student Union, Malaysia

Muslim Student Association in Lebanon

Student initiative in Mauritania to defend just causes

Student awareness association, Algeria

Moroccan student body to support the nation’s issues

Anatolian Youth Association – AGD, Turkey

International Youth Forum – IYFO, Turkey