• Lebanon
  • August 16, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Yadlin: Next round of confrontation with Hizbullah is a matter of time

Major General Amos Yadlin, the head of the Israeli military intelligence, has affirmed that the next round of confrontation with Hizbullah was a matter of time.

Yadlin’s remarks were voiced few hours after the UN-imposed ceasefire on fighting between Israel and Hizbullah, which according to the latter’s secretary general ended in a bitter defeat for the Israeli invasion forces.

Yadlin, according to the Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, was pessimistic over the successful passing of the UNSC 1701 resolution inviting cessation of hostilities, opining that Hizbullah will design new rules of the game to enable its fighters to retaliate to every IOF aggressions against them.

“No doubt future friction will occur with Hizbullah”, he elaborated.

On the same level, Israeli writer and political analyst Ran Peretz asserted in his article in the paper with the headline “Prepare for the next war” that the new UNSC resolution “means nothing to Israel, and adds nothing to previous agreements; and therefore, Israel should prepare for the next war that will be more difficult and more intense”.

Disagreeing with Peretz the writer, many political observers and politicians in the Israeli arena affirmed that Israel will think a thousand times before committing another “foolishness” in Lebanon compared to the painful blows and heavy casualties its soldiers sustained at the hands of Hizbullah men.

US administration knows Israel’s war plan months ago:
The US-based New Yorker newspaper affirmed that the American administration of President George W. Bush was aware of all the details of the Israel’s war on Lebanon, and that Israel was waiting for any small reason to carry out the attack.

The paper charged that the American approval and blessing of the plan was made to pave the way for the USA to attack Iran if Israel succeeded in its adventure in Lebanon.

The well-known American writer Seymour Hersh, in his article in the paper, unmasked that Israeli officials arrived to Washington months ago to present their plans to the American administration for blessing and sanctioning, which the latter didn’t spend long time to authorize believing it will give it a good chance to beat Iran, its biggest headache in the Middle East.

According to Hersh, the Israeli officials approached US vice-president Dick Cheney to gain his blessing being the key for Bush and foreign minister Condoleezza Rice’s approvals.

British writers, however, affirmed that the Israeli plan has totally failed as the IOF troops were staggering before Hizbullah men’s assaults especially in the 48 hours that preceded the endorsing of the UNSC resolution.

“Israel faced the most difficult and the most painful guerrilla war in its history”, said Robert Fisk, the famous British writer from Beirut, adding the Hizbullah fighters will from now on concentrate their attacks on the invading Israeli soldiers that will cost Israel at least 40 soldiers daily, which Israel couldn’t bear.

Other writers wrote about Olmert’s current dilemma as he ought to explain for his people results of the war that he initiated.