• Lebanon
  • December 7, 2006
  • 3 minutes read

Yakan hands Siniora initiative to solve Lebanese crisis

Dr. Fathi Yakan, the leader of the Islamic Action Front and a member in the National Meeting, declared an initiative in an attempt to get out of the crisis; Yakan handed it at on Tuesday at 7.30 PM to the Prime Minister Fouad Siniora; the initiative is based on one item, which is forming a national unity government headed by Siniora.

Dr. Fathi Yakan told Ikhwanweb that he was the one who proposed on the National Meeting yesterday in the house of president, Omar Karami, in Beirut, carrying out another attempt with Siniora to convince him and end the ongoing crisis .

The Lebanese Islamist said that other issues, like the presidency, the International Court and the early elections are excluded in order to be discussed later, specially that the issue of the International Court was approved by the International Security Council, and the parliament can discuss it after forming the national unity government, to reassure the majority regarding the issue of the court.

“We do not want the epidemic of violence to move from Iraq to Lebanon” he said, adding that he noticed an encouraging mood and that “the initiative restores matters to the last stop at the table of consultation, which is that of the obstructed third.”

Yakan said that:” We want to find a solution which satisfies all, to work in a government workshop, to issue an election law, and hold new elections in a warm atmosphere and presidential elections after that, to be followed by a new government”; he confirmed that all want to get out of the dilemma.

Regarding the content of the initiative, Yakan said: We proposed forming a national unity government which consists of 19 ministers from March 14 powers, 10 for the opposition and 1 independent.

Yakan added that every thing should revolve around this context, so that the issue doesn’t get bottlenecked; if all the Lebanese crisis gets deadlocked, I think that we won’t reach any result .

Yakan pointed out that that the initiative is open to all suggestions, and that there are mechanism to be followed for this initiative till it sees light and be practically translated on the ground; Dr. Yakan thinks that this initiative may be adopted or declared before or on next Friday.

Dr. Fathi Yakan met Prime Minister Siniora on Tuesday from 7.30 PM till 10.00 PM; after the meeting, Yakan said: All parties concerned feel that the country is heading for bad consequence; there are ideas and an initiative which were given to Prime Minister Siniora and they will be follow up through a mechanism of action so that Lebanon gets out victoriously, through establishing its unity and sovereignty which aren’t marred by any Arab or foreign interventions and that the Lebanese decision-makers are the ones who determine the future of Lebanon.