• June 4, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Yehia Hamed: Any Reconciliation Initiative Must Shun Al-Sisi

Yehia Hamed: Any Reconciliation Initiative Must Shun Al-Sisi

 In an article for the news website Arabi21.com, Yehia Hamed (Minister of Investment in President Morsi’s government, and leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood) said: "The group believes that any political initiative for Egypt must comply with the principles and objectives of the Revolution and excludes any role for the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

"The group’s leadership met with Arab and Gulf officials, who expressed serious concerns regarding the path through which Egypt is going under the leadership of the traitorous coup commander, and expressed fears for Egypt turning into a failed state incapable of doing its national role."

Regarding news about mediation initiatives to resolve the political crisis in Egypt, Hamed said: "We appreciate the efforts of all those who care for Egypt, and their attempts to save this homeland from the current tragic situation under the authoritarian military regime which has clearly failed to run the country… Those who care for Egypt must realize that tension here has reached its limit, and there is no way to resolve the situation except by shunning the traitor Al-Sisi who endeavors to undermine stability in Egypt and the whole region".

Hamed pointed that the Muslim Brotherhood, though it did not seek mediation, stresses that any initiative from those who care for Egypt must "comply with the goals and objectives of the Revolution, and represent the voice of those standing steadfast against the illegitimate coup on the ground… We are committed to the goals of the Revolution and the struggle and sacrifices of the revolutionary men and women of Egypt".

In reference to the countries that supported the coup, Hamed said, "everyone has to correct the mistakes they committed by supporting the coup, which does not only sabotage Egypt, but threatens other countries in the region and global stability, as well".

The Muslim Brotherhood leader, who also served as an adviser to President Morsi, stressed that the group is counting on the young men and women of the Revolution in the streets of Egypt.

"We trust in the steadfastness and escalating non-violent action of the Revolution in the street… Our foreign communications are just to deliver the vision of the revolutionary movement in Egypt to the region and the world, because we realize that our victory will ultimately come only from the inside. Day after day, we are increasingly confident in our Revolution. We draw resilience and strength from President Morsi’s towering stature before coup judges. We see him free and proud before his puppet jailers."

Regarding Al-Sisi’s visit to Germany, Hamed stressed that "anti-coup protesters in Germany have taught Al-Sisi a lesson he will never forget. He will face more of the same treatment everywhere he goes".