• June 18, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Yehia Hamed: Time for Post-Sisi Dialogue

Yehia Hamed: Time for Post-Sisi Dialogue

Yehia Hamed (Minister of Investment in President Morsi’s government, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s foreign relations official) said communications with various parties, inside and outside Egypt, were under way, with everybody realizing that "the junta’s regime has become a burden on Egyptians and the region as a whole, and that it must be changed".

He added that the right thing to do now, whether in Egypt or in the region at large, is to look to the post-Sisi phase, after the General flooded the country and the people in a sea of ​​crises.

"Our message to everyone is clear – our constants, our principles do not change. Those are the fundamentals of the Egyptian Revolution, from which we will not retreat… Many parties, both inside and outside Egypt, are becoming aware that it is imperative to change the regime. All meetings and discussions now look into post-Sisi Egypt."

In an exclusive statement to the news website ‘Arabi 21’, Hamed said: "Recently, there has been a conviction among many parties in Egypt and the whole region, that Al-Sisi has failed to deal with the acute crises facing the country. So, there have been numerous communications, with us as well as other opposition stakeholders, from regional parties, including Gulf Arab officials, and sovereign institutions within Egypt.

"All the parties seek solutions beyond Al-Sisi stage… The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to communicate with everyone about the future, but this future must be drafted in accordance with the goals and aspirations of the Egyptian people and their Revolution: freedom, democracy and social justice."

Hamed further said, "We reiterate our unwavering commitment to democratic legitimacy". He added: "We say to all fair-thinking people it is time to talk about the post-Sisi stage.

"The execution sentences against the elected President, his aides and dozens of opposition leaders show the coup regime floundering in total disarray, in fear of legitimacy under Morsi’s leadership, which is haunting the putschists everywhere. But this confusion will lead to increased isolation for the junta regime, and will speed its downfall, as its supporters inside and outside Egypt continue to abandon it.

"We tell all those who supported the coup, and in particular the Saudi leadership, that they have special responsibility for the deterioration of the security situation and the trampling of freedoms as well as the unjust sentences in Egypt. It is time to correct mistakes."