Yemeni Islah Condemns Marib Bombing

Yemeni Islah Condemns Marib Bombing, Urges Authorities Take Tough Measures Against Perpetrators
Abdulwahab Al-Anisi, the secretary general of the Tajamma’ al-Yemeni li al-Islah (Yemeni Gathering for Reform) condemned the hideous bombing committed on Monday evening in the province of Maareb. Al-Anisi said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:” These criminal acts target national security and economy. The perpetrators have no Islamic or national values”, pointing out that these incidents will not affect national and political peace.
Al-Anisi called on citizens be cautious and cooperate with the security services to arrest the bombers and send them to justice, reconfirming his trust in the security services to carry out of their duty.
That these criminals choose the provice of Marib to carry out their terrorist act proves that they are weak, said Al-Anisi.
Stressing that the Yemenis won’t be shaken by such incidents, Al-Anisi confirms that these criminals harm their homeland and compatriots.
“The perpetrators want to send a message that Yemen is not safe” he added, considering these acts as offending Yemeni reputation.
Al-Anisi added that targeting tourists directly harms the national economy .
An official source in the Interior Ministry confirmed 9 persons , 7 Spanish tourists and two Yemenis, were killed and 8 others, mostly Spaniards, were injured in the terrorist attack that hit near the ancient Queen of Sheba temple at Marib on Monday evening .
Pointing his finger of accusation at Al-Qaeda, the source said in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency SABA:” Four cars carrying  13 Spanish tourists was hit by a suicide car bomber while the tourists were leaving the ancient Queen of Sheba temple at Marib at 5.30PM on Monday afternoon”.
For its part, Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) condemned the suicide attack that claimed lives of 9 persons ( 7 Spanish tourists and two Yemenis ) and injuring 8 others, mostly Spaniards, near the ancient Queen of Sheba temple at Marib.
The JMP’s higher council described, in a statement- the bombing as a horrible criminal act ” due to its aggression on the values of the Yemeni society and its flagrant violation to its security, stability and public peace. It confirms that such criminal acts are rejected by all citizens and political powers.
The JMP called on authorities to take tough measures and hunt down perpetrators of this criminal act and punish them.
“These criminals must be exposed to the public opinion so that people carry out their role against these acts”, said the JMP, expressing its condolences to families and relatives of all victims.