Yemeni Reformists Call For Boycotting Representative Elections

Yemeni Reformists Call For Boycotting Representative Elections

The Yemeni Union for Reform and Mutual Meeting called for boycotting the upcoming Yemeni representative elections.

Mutual Meeting parties issued a statement calling for boycotting the elections and registration because the Higher Electoral Committee was not based on correct legal basis that requires approval by the parliament under right legal procedures. In addition, the regime and its party abandon the amendments bill of elections law agreed upon at the parliament before the coup last August 18; this necessitates staying away from such elections, resisting the authority and its unconstitutional procedures according to the national duty for the advantage of the national interests.

The statement added that boycott decision is a legal procedure to protect democracy against deformation and fraud.

The statement accused the ruling party of orchestrating forged elections to control the voters” will in order to gain momentum through unfair election results that increase the living and economic sufferings of the Yemeni people. “Such forgery attained nothing but corruption, hiking prices, despotism, economic recession, deteriorating health conditions, and tarnished educational process,” added the statement doubting that reasonable person may participate in this fraud to commit crimes against himself and his people.

The statement stressed that participation and registration under an illegitimate committee backfires at democracy and repeats the failed policy that caused Saada crisis and the Southern troubles that made chasms and tribalism sense within the Yemeni people.

“We boycott elections for attaining good living of the Yemenis rather than sharing authority seats- as claimed by the authority- to combat the corrupt and usurpers of the peoples” wealth, reduce unemployment and illiteracy problems, and provide good health care for the people while controlling the oil revenues usurped by the regime tycoons. We cannot do this unless through fair elections,” the statement added.