Youm7 Takes Back Its False News and Confirms Hazem Farouk Will Not Enter the Run-off Sunday

Youm7 Takes Back Its False News and Confirms Hazem Farouk Will Not Enter the Run-off Sunday noted that Hazem Farouk from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc withdrew from the runoff.

The website also added: “Candidates of the MB announced their adherence to the decision to withdraw from the run-off scheduled for Sunday. Dr. Hazem Farouk, former MP and candidate for Shubra constituency, refuted the news published about him contesting in the runoff, stressing that he is adhering to the decision of the “honourable” national powers which took a decision to boycott the parliamentary elections runoff.

Farouk told Youm7 that he will not go against the will of the MB and the news published about him is false.

Dr.Mohamed Al-Beltagy from the MB and candidate of Shubra Al-Khema constituency, who was included in the runoff, stressed that he and all MB candidates adhere to the decision of the MB and Al-Wafd to boycott the runoff, explaining that the boycott is a way of objecting to the blatant fraud in the elections and that the ‘thanking rounds’ by MB candidates for the people in their constituencies could be understood by some as a way of campaigning for the elections, but it is not, as they decided to boycott the elections.

Al-Beltagy stressed that there is no division or disputes between the MB regarding the decision to boycott the elections, but there is unanimity.

Youm7 had stressed earlier that Dr. Hazem Farouk will be participating in the runoff today; however, Farouk confirmed that this is a false report and that he will file a lawsuit against the website which has been publishing false reports about him recently.

Farouk noted that he welcomes the decision, which is taken according to the principle of unanimity that the MB follows. He also met with the people in his constituency to thank them for supporting him during the elections and to keep good relations with them and support during the coming period.