Youssef: European Parties Seek Political Space for Hamas in the West

Youssef: European Parties Seek Political Space for Hamas in the West

Ahmed Youssef, the political adviser of Prime Minister professor Ismail Haniya, that there are authorities and official European and semiofficial parties seeking the formation of a political field to the Hamas movement in the West .

Youssef said in a statement issued by the media office of Cabinet Secretariat on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, 2007, that there are European attempts seeking a political presence for Hamas in the European countries.

“This means that there are official or semiofficial meetings with European countries. Statements recently issued by European institutions that demand contacting Hamas confirm this”, said Youssef, adding that the statements of European presidents and European foreign officials reflect this desire for being open to Hamas because it is active in the Palestinian politics and it enjoys a huge public opinion presence.

“We have managed to create a domestic support and managed also created spaces of sympathy with us in Europe . Therefore, huge European demonstrations supporting the Palestinian cause and condemning Israeli policies are currently taking place.

He confirmed that there can”t be a political solution for the Palestinian cause without Hamas participation in these efforts exerted to reach this solution.

Youssef added that the West knows that President Abu Mazen can”t take any big step without Hamas support, confirming that Hamas is a key for all policies related to the Palestinian cause. Unless they deal with it, no breakthrough will be achieved.

“No one will take the approval for any initiative without a nod from Hamas movement. This is a fact which is well known by the Europeans and they discuss how to merge Hamas into the political process and understand Hamas resistance as a legitimate right as long as the occupation continues.

Youssef confirmed that the US administration is exercising pressures on some parties so as not to be open Hamas, pointing out that this matter will remain closed for some time until the Pro-Israel and anti-Hamas US hardline administration steps down.

“The next years may witness a change in the US policy towards dealing objectively and neutrally towards the Palestinian cause. This will open the door for Europe to enthusiastically adopt the Israeli Palestinian file and to seriously and officially deal with Hamas. This means lifting Hamas from the list of the terrorist organizations.

Youssef pointed out that the US policy created an unprecedented state of enmity and hatred in Arab and European arenas. This primarily due to the biased and unscrupulous policies backing Israel against the Palestinian people.

He also said that the US administration knows it is required to improve its image in the world to keep its interests in the Middle East . This requires necessarily seeking a fair solution for the Palestinian cause, and working hard for establishing an independent free Palestinian state.

Youssef demanded activating the role of the Arab and Palestinian media in contacting Europe to show the suffering of the Palestinian people, gain European support to fair issues and to expose the daily Israeli crimes towards our people.

“We are victims of the Israeli media machine that managed to deceive western intellectuals. The Palestinian and Arab media have been only recently alarmed by the seriousness of the Israeli media in the West. However they haven”t exerted a sufficient effort to provide capabilities and mobilize support to confront this Israeli propaganda.